Winter Photography Tips | Bendy straws and Ziploc bags?

While a lot of photographers find that winter is an excellent time to hibernate, there are really no good excuses for staying indoors and avoiding winter.  But, you do need to take steps to protect your equipment.  Here’s a few ideas to keep things safe. One of the biggest problems for cameras in cold weather […]

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March Update

  The March of Winter Seems Stalled… I don’t know about your part of the world, but from where I’m sitting in my office in Edmonton, Alberta, winter has overstayed its welcome. We’ve just gone through the coldest week of the winter and now we are promised snow each day until the weekend, when finally, […]

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Interview with Portrait Diploma recipient, Shellaine Ulmer

Our congratulations go out to Shellaine Ulmer who is the first recipient of our diploma in Portrait Photography.  To be eligible for the portrait diploma, Shellaine completed seven different classes and then honed her craft until the point where she was comfortable submitting a portfolio of 20+ photographs that she felt would meet our standards. Shellaine […]

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© Shellaine Ulmer

BSOP Portrait Graduate, BSOP Instructor news and more! – Late Nov News from the BSOP

  TABLE OF CONTENTS • Lots of Big News! • First recipient of our Diploma in Portrait Photography • Congratulations to BSOP Instructor Darlene Hildebrandt • Studio Lighting Class • Gift Certificates • Travel Photography Class • Nicaragua Photography Tour • Until next time… New Class Calendar Available The printed edition of our Winter/Spring 2014 […]

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