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I took a college photography course a few years ago, I learned more in these past two days than I did in four months full time courses.

As someone who’s been self-taught on almost everything I’ve learned in the creative fields, it’s incredible to learn so much in such a short period of time. I wish I’d discovered your school sooner!

Paul is very knowledgeable on any photography topic and all technology related to it. He was patient throughout the course as we asked lots of questions and wouldn’t move on until it was answered. He kept it interesting by demonstrations and adding his dry humour. The second day was all our photography and the challenges he presented were both interesting and fun. Reviewing everyone’s photos was great and Paul was encouraging and positive throughout. Overall an excellent instructor and topic and one of the best photography courses I have taken. I will definitely be taking more courses from BSOP.

I found Chris Stambaugh to be an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and outgoing teacher who is full of information he is more than willing to share.

This class was, for me, one of the most practical experiences I have had in the many classes I have taken to hone my photographic skills. The theoretical aspects of macro photography were well-explained beforehand, followed by the full-day opportunity to put this learning into practice. Of particular value was the ongoing chance to share our attempts and receive honest critical appraisal of the positives and negatives of each image. I appreciated Paul’s understanding that class members were all at different points on the continuum of learning, as well as his ability to make concepts clearer through demonstration and guidance. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for another BSOP course!!

Guaranteed to significantly improve your confidence and quality of photographs in one short weekend. By far, one of the best classes I’ve attended for a long time.

March Update

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Interview with Portrait Diploma recipient, Shellaine Ulmer

Our congratulations go out to Shellaine Ulmer who is the first recipient of our diploma in Portrait Photography.  To be eligible for the portrait, Shellaine completed seven different classes and then honed her craft until the point where she was comfortable submitting a portfolio of 20+ photographs that she felt would meet our standards. Shellaine started […]

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BSOP Portrait Graduate, BSOP Instructor news and more! – Late Nov News from the BSOP

  TABLE OF CONTENTS • Lots of Big News! • First recipient of our Diploma in Portrait Photography • Congratulations to BSOP Instructor Darlene Hildebrandt • Studio Lighting Class • Gift Certificates • Travel Photography Class • Nicaragua Photography Tour • Until next time… New Class Calendar Available The printed edition of our Winter/Spring 2014 […]

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November 2014 News from the BSOP

  TABLE OF CONTENTS • Trade Show Winners • Macro Photography Class This Weekend! • Wedding Photography Class • Studio Lighting Class • Landscape Photography Class • Until next time… Gift Certificates! The holiday gift-giving season is just over a month away.  Now is the perfect time to get some shopping out of the way […]

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