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All of our classes routinely receive rave reviews. You can read a few of them below, or click here to read more.

Since I received my camera as a gift I was almost too intimidated to use it, especially taking it off the automatic settings. I really enjoyed Paul’s straightforwardness and sense of humor to help relieve any apprehension I felt using all the features on my camera. For that I thank you Paul. For the first time I truly understand Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, and much much more. I was so excited to discovery more about photography that I rushed home that first night of classes and registered for my next class! I would highly recommend this class. Take the first step and register – you won’t be sorry that you did it!

As someone who’s been self-taught on almost everything I’ve learned in the creative fields, it’s incredible to learn so much in such a short period of time. I wish I’d discovered your school sooner!

I expected to feel like my head was swimming with information after the course, but instead I felt like I had a real understanding of how to use my flash and begin to use it more creatively. I like how Bruce made sure we knew the foundations before we move on.

I found the instructor to be very knowledgeable, with a vast photographic experience to draw on! Darlene related all aspects of course material effectively to the various levels of photographic experience of the students. The two day course was fun, informative and great value.

I took a college photography course a few years ago, I learned more in these past two days than I did in four months full time courses.

It was a great weekend. Bruce showed us many options of using the modifiers and always answered our questions. The class had a great had a good time and we shared some laughter. The models were good and we spent time in the different set ups with them. I learned a lot on the different aspects of Studio Lighting and what to use when I decide to start my own home as studio setup.  Thanks Bruce you were a great instructor!!!! Will like to take more of your future courses offered.

I found Chris Stambaugh to be an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and outgoing teacher who is full of information he is more than willing to share.

I have taken a few continuing education photography classes at MacEwan University and was not very impressed. I thought that because I was in a college setting that I would learn the most there is to learn and get the most for my dollar but I was very wrong. I took a basics class on my new DSLR Camera and found that I was more confused than when I first walked into the class. I feel that there was too much theory and not enough practicality. I then spoke to an individual about taking a course on Lightroom and she highly recommended Paul Burwell at the Burwell School of Photography and said that I would really enjoy his teaching methods and would learn a lot about the software. Paul is very patient and explains things very well. He is very thorough and teaches you step by step on how to do something. We looked at the notes he provided us but also took down a bunch of notes throughout the class and practiced each and every step that there was to learn. I highly recommend this class for people who want to learn Lightroom and I highly recommend taking any classes on photography or any software with Paul Burwell. I will definitely be taking more classes with him in the very near future!

This class was, for me, one of the most practical experiences I have had in the many classes I have taken to hone my photographic skills. The theoretical aspects of macro photography were well-explained beforehand, followed by the full-day opportunity to put this learning into practice. Of particular value was the ongoing chance to share our attempts and receive honest critical appraisal of the positives and negatives of each image. I appreciated Paul’s understanding that class members were all at different points on the continuum of learning, as well as his ability to make concepts clearer through demonstration and guidance. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for another BSOP course!!