Triple “D” Photography Workshop Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Triple D Photography Workshops ClassPaul, I have been to a lot of workshops with a lot of different photographers and yours was by far one of the best. Very relaxing atmosphere. You kept it to a small group, you said 8 people and we didn’t show up to 12, and everyone got along great. Thanks for everything, hope to see you in the near future. <<==>> BH
Triple D Photography WorkshopsSince I first bought my digital camera approximately 3 1/2 years ago, I have attended many photo workshops from some world famous photographers. None have been as well organized and thought out as Paul’s workshop. Most importantly Paul didn’t shoot a single frame for himself, the entire workshop was about improving the participants skills. It was exceptionally organized as well, moving from relatively easy wildlife shooting to much more difficult animals (foxes scamper very quickly!). The range of opportunities were fabulous. Of course I got excellent photos at the controlled shooting of DDD, but I went into the workshop a pretty good wildlife photographer; I came out a far superior one. I know as I continue my journeys into the wild, I will have much better skills when those golden opportunities occur. <<==>> AJ
Triple D Photography WorkshopsI gained a great deal of knowledge and met many new friends, over the course if the weekend Photo workshop at Triple D Game Farm. The animals are exceptionally well cared for and looked fantastic with their winter coats. Staff at Triple D are very friendly, courteous and go above and beyond to ensure your expectations are met in getting to photograph a wild variety of animals in a safe and efficient manner, all while taking the outdoor conditions into consideration for optimum photography conditions for the different animal species. Instruction was great covering topics such as metering, exposure compensation, exposure modes, changing focus points, histogram & how to utilize, auto focus vs manual and when to use, composure, and basic techniques to get sharper images to name a few. Time between photo shoots, at the triple D offices, was used to illustrate techniques to edit photographs in software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Viveza & Silver Efex and critiquing photographs from all participants which was extremely insightful. During the photo shoots Paul provided constant reminders to check our camera settings to ensure topics discussed were being practiced and not forgot and also to warn of changing conditions. It was the perfect arrangement, for me, as I wanted to learn as much as possible in a condensed amount of time. Being able to learn new tips & techniques, from others as well as the instructor, and having the ability to use them right away on the beautiful animals and to see the results before you’ve left the workshop was hugely beneficial. Thank you <<==>> Brian S.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsCame back from Paul’s workshop with thousands of great shots! The animals at Triple D are amazing… and Paul tells you exactly what to look for to get the best shots. I’ve learned so much from Paul’s laid back, informative style of teaching! Looking forward to more workshops with him in the future!! <<==>> Anita E.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsI thoroughly enjoyed the Triple D workshop with Paul and came away with great images and information I will use to become a better photographer. An excellent instructor, Paul is open to any question and is thoroughly versed in gear, image creation, and post-processing technique. Thanks Paul for sharing your excellent skills I highly recommend your workshops. <<==>> Lou Ann G.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsThe combination of Paul Burwell’s instruction and the animals & trainer from Triple D ranches led to a great experience of being up close & personal with wildlife in their natural settings and provided an excellant skill set development & improvement in the art of Wildlife Photography. <<==>> Brian H.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsThe trips to the Triple D Farm are a must for any wildlife photographer. Paul’s teaching methods are really good and he is very patient with his students. The facilities are fabulous and the animals are gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session and will be going back in the future for more sessions. Thanks to Paul and all the staff at Triple D. <<==>> Jacki J.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsThis is the first workshop i have taken,It was more than i had expected to be doing or learning. For some one just getting back into taking pictures, It opened my eyes up to what i have been doing wrong, and what i need to change to do it right. It was a very busy week end. the trip to the field was very help full. Paul was very helpful with any question you my need ansers to. A great week end and the other students were great to be with, as every one was there for the same information.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsPaul thank you so much for your time. I really enjoyed this course and would seriously recommend it to others. I learned a lot from you and would love to go out on other shoots with you. You were very patient and I definitely got a lot from your critiques. Your material was explained in a manner that everyone could understand and you are very generous with your knowledge. Thanks again!
Triple D Photography WorkshopsI learned so much about photography and not just wildlife. I can apply it to other aspects of my photography not just wildlife. Made it very comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. Would recommend this course to other people. Postponed my trip overseas and was very glad that I did. Well worth the money.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsPaul Burwell was recommended to me by professional photographer David Middleton. And it’s been an excellent experience. Paul has a great working relationship with Jay at the Triple D. Together they really try to provide the best opportunities for participants to get the best shots they can. Paul isn’t doing his own photography during the workshop. So he’s always available to answer questions or remind us to “check your histograms”. Seeing healthy, happy animals in a natural setting is an awesome experience all by itself. Then given the variety of animals means you can come away from a short workshop with a portfolio of images that would have taken weeks or months to get in the wild; without nearly as much success. The best recommendation I can give for Paul Burwell’s Wildlife Photography Workshops is that I’ve signed up for two more of them. <<==>> RD
Triple D Photography WorkshopsNaomi and I want to thank you for a great workshop experience. I am still quite a novice with the camera, but I came away with a vocabulary word that I am now dreaming about and can’t get out of my head. That word being “HISTOGRAM”. The importance of the histogram was certainly the lesson of the workshop that I truly enjoyed learning more about. You did a marvelous job of encouraging and helping a novice like me getting on track. I certainly would like to join you for another photographic adventure and I enourage anyone who might be considering going with you to jump on board. You will not be disappointed. <<==>> BB
Triple D Photography WorkshopsAs for my experience on the trip and with you, I don’t know how to summarize just how great this whole trip was. You are a true gentleman, funny, knowledgeable, passionate about your subjects, eager to share, and your joy is infectious. I will travel again with you , and would recommend you to anyone who asks. In fact, I already have. <<==>> GS
Triple D Photography WorkshopsPaul’s workshops are held at outstanding locations and times. Unlike many others, he does not photograph during workshops, instead, concentrates on understanding each participant’s needs and helping them improve their skills and results. If you are interested in reaching the next level in your photography in a small group environment with someone who is thoroughly prepared, knowledgeable and responsive to your individual needs, I can highly recommend Paul Burwell. <<==>> HL
Triple D Photography WorkshopsFirst time I have felt like I was really at a ‘workshop’. Paul was fully prepared with his materials and very willing share his knowledge. When out on location he was there for ’us’ – he only looked at his camera to provide feedback on settings, meter readings, etc. and the rest of the time he ‘walked the line’ – giving us hints, advise and encouraging us to move our location; stand up more, get lower in the shot……all things that some of us tend to forget in the heat of the shot.His critique sessions when we were not shooting were honest without being brutal! Great insight to how it could have been framed differently, lit more dramatically or enhanced in the editing processing using a different crop for example.All in all – I want to take more workshops with Paul. <<==>> CT
Triple D Photography WorkshopsI would highly recommend both Triple D and Paul to any of my photo friends. This was an incredible experience that I still can’t believe I got to participate in. The trainers were amazing and I applaud them for caring for the animals’ safety to the level they do – as well as ours. At all times I felt safe and felt the animals were in very good hands. Paul has a terrific sense of humor and a very casual way to teaching photography that makes people feel at ease. Over the next couple of years, I plan to visit Triple D for at least two different sessions (January is my top priority). Thanks for an awesome experience. <<==>> SL
Triple D Photography WorkshopsThe Wildlife Intensive Workshop was most enjoyable. Paul covered the essentials expertly and with good humour, the field trip was excellent and over way too fast, and I met lots of nice people. The whole experience has boosted my enthusiasm to get out there and PPP. <<==>>Marcia M.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsI’d like to say my experience with Paul Burwell and his workshop was unique and refreshing–and novel, in that he was there for his class——not for himself or personal image collection.His critique segment was excellent-and suggestions delivered gently, with care and forethought.–He is a real Pro–who genuinely cares for his students, and really works hard to help them leave his workshop with a greater knowlegde, than when they’d arrived.–He is there to tutor and coach–and yet, is not pushy or rushed..I am grateful to have found Paul, his expertise and gentle manner have set for me, a new standard in what I’d like to recieve in way of a photography workshop.–He even went slowly step-by-step during critique over how he might minimally post process our images.—–This ! was an outstanding experience, and I’d consider it a real privilege to have Paul allow me to accompany him in another workshop. <<==>> DT
Triple D Photography WorkshopsPaul does an outstanding job in his workshops. He is always approachable and very practical in his instruction and advice. <<==>> Michelle N.
Triple D Photography WorkshopsIf having the pleasure of taking photographs of well trained and well cared for wildlife in great settings in what you want, then this workshop is for you. Mr. Burwell also assists you by preparing you for the experience by providing a helpful book. Check your histogram, you can move location and thus background, capture the eyes and detail of the animals…all great advise. Have fun! <<==>> JL
Triple D Photography WorkshopsThe workshop with Paul Burwell at Triple D was a wonderful experience. In addition to the opportunity to photograph a diversity of wild animals in lovely natural settings, the extra benefits of this workshop provided by Paul included excellent on location and classroom instruction. The critiques of each group members efforts provided learning opportunities for all. In addition the availability Paul provided to each individual for questions specific to their concerns and level of expertise was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this photographic journey. <<==>> LG