Triple D Wildlife Photography Workshops

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Presented by:

the Triple D Game Farm

and the Burwell School of Photography

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2015 • Oct 9 – 12 • Fall WildlifeAll day, ending at noon last dayClick here to register

Join Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine contributing editor, Paul Burwell, for full-featured wildlife photography workshops held in conjunction with the Triple D Game Farm headquartered in Kalispell, Montana. Our Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter wildlife photography workshops are all held in Kalispell, Montana while our April workshop is alternately held in California or Utah.

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Mountain lion jumping between rocks outside Zion National Park

These wildlife photography workshops help you create stunning images of wildlife animals from the Triple D Game Farm. These animals are in top physical condition and are placed into scenery representative of environments in which they live in the wild. During the 4 days of the workshop you can amass a tremendous portfolio of animal photographs while learning the tips, tricks and techniques that will help you create truly captivating images.

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Siberian Tiger lying on the snow

Spring and Summer wildlife photography workshops generally feature a selection of young baby animals along with some adult animals. The fall and winter workshops primarily focus on the adult animals. Species available for photography vary, but can include: Bobcat, Coyote, Lynx, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Badgers, Cougars, Siberian Tiger, Grey Wolves, Grizzly Bear, Black Bears among others. Final choices of species are made by your instructor in collaboration with the animal trainers at Triple “D” to select the animals that are working the best at the time of your workshop.

These wildlife photography workshops include:

  • The opportunity to photograph extremely healthy and happy wildlife surrogates in natural surroundings from the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana
    • A minimum of 8 sessions photographing the animals over 3 days
    • The benefit of Paul’s years of experience photographing at Triple D and scouting the locations
    • You will be safely closer to animals like Cougars, Lynx and Siberian Tigers than you ever imagined possible
  • A copy of Paul’s book, Triple D Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  • Small group size to a maximum of 10 participants allows for maximum flexibility
  • The opportunity to bring at least 10 images with you for critiquing
  • Paul’s undivided attention during the photo sessions to help you get the most out of your investment
    • Paul has an extensive history of working with and educating adults from his prior experience as the President of an Internet firm
  • The opportunity to learn techniques for preparing images with Lightroom and Photoshop, developing a managed workflow and archival strategies
  • The option to submit up to 10 photographs from this workshop for a detailed written critique of each submitted photograph
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Snow Leopard glancing over its shoulder while snow falls

Notes from the Instructor for the Wildlife Photography Workshops

My Wildlife Photography Classes and Workshops are limited to 10 participants. This small group size allows for maximum flexibility in obtaining all types of shots including portraits, behavior, close-ups and special requests where possible. You’ll also have the flexibility to easily move to different positions to get the shots you are looking for. You will be able to benefit from my years of experience photographing at Triple D and scouting the various shooting locations. This will help make sure you go home with the best photos possible.

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Baby Canadian Lynx clinging to a tree

I was the President of an Internet services company for over 10 years where I developed an extensive history of working with and educating adults. I am currently a contributing editor for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine and a professional nature photographer. Some individuals seem to run workshops in order to subsidize their own photography shoots. But, unlike those workshop leaders, I am exclusively there to help you get the best shots. You won’t need to worry about interrupting my photography to ask a question or get advice. This workshop is more than just a series of photo sessions with the wildlife models. It is a full featured workshop offering a complete educational experience.

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Young Grizzly Bear running through a river

The staff members at Triple D are excellent and they’ll work with us to help get you a tremendous series of shots. Jay and Kim Deist, the owners of the Triple D, are extremely generous hosts who provide a terrific service to wildlife photographers.  They and their staff are well-known for their humane and respectful treatment of their animals.

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Young Bobcat standing on a rocky hill

Each participant will receive a copy of my book, Triple D Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Familiarizing yourself with the book in advance of your trip to the Triple D is an excellent way of preparing for your visit. The Triple D Photography Tips, Tricks and Techniques book forms the basis for the educational portion of the workshop.

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Dates and DaysCourse FormatMore Information
2015 • Oct 9 – 12 • Fall WildlifeAll day, ending at noon last dayClick here to register

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