1.0.c Common Keyboard Shortcuts Used in Lightroom

Lightroom Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Common Keyboard Shortcuts Download Link

Bracketed keys are shortcuts for Mac users ()

* indicates pressing key multiple times results in different features

Screen Viewing Modes:

F5 key– Toggles top tab

F6 key– Toggles bottom tab

F7 key– Toggles left tab

F8 key– Toggles right tab

Tab key– Toggles left and right tabs

Shift key + Tab key– Toggles all 4 tabs

Shift key + F key –toggles top menu bars *

T key-Toggles Toolbar

F6 key-Toggles Filmstrip

\ (backslash) key-Toggles Filter Bar upper screen (controls access to Text, Attribute, Metadata etc)


Ctrl + A key (Command + A key)-Select all

Ctrl + D key (Command + D key)-Select none

Ctrl + Z key (Command + Z key)-Undo last

Ctrl + Alt + A key (Command +Opt+ A key)-Select flagged photos

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D key (Command + Opt + Shift+ F key)– Deselect flagged photos


Image Viewing Modes

Z key-Toggles zoom view

F key-Toggles full screen preview

C key-Compares multiple images

Y key-Side by side before after views

Alt + Y key (Option + Y key) –top bottom before after views

Shift key + Y key– Changes before and after view layouts

J key– Displays information around thumbnails while in Grid view *

I key– Displays information about image overlaid on screen while in Loupe view (speed, ISO etc) *

L key-Lights out mode *


Develop Module

D key-Moves selected image into Develop Module

O key-Shows overlay (for selected tool)

Shift + O key– Rotates overlay (for selected tool)


R key-Cropping tool

X key-Changes crop orientations

L key-Dims uncropped areas *

Adjustment Brush

K key-Adjustment brush

Alt key (Option Key on Mac)-erase brush

 [ key – Makes Adjustment Brush smaller

] key– Makes Adjustment Brush larger

[ + Shift Key-Makes Feather Brush smaller

]+ Shift key– Makes Feather Brush larger

Hold and press Alt key (Option key on Mac)-Enables erase brush

A key-Toggles Automask


Graduated Filter

M key-Graduated Filter

Shift + T key– Toggles between edit modes


Radial Filter

Shift + M key-Radial Filter

Shift + T key– Toggles between edit modes


Spot Removal Tool

Q key-Spot Removal Tool

SHIFT + T key-Heal (in spot removal)



Ctrl + Alt + 3 (Command + Opt + 3)-Map Module

Ctrl + Alt + 4 (Command + Opt + 4)-Book Module

Ctrl + Alt + 4 (Command + Opt + 5)-Slideshow Module

Ctrl + Alt + 6 (Command + Option + 6)-Print Module

Alt + 0169 (on numberpad) (Option + G key)- © symbol

F1 key-Lightroom help

Ctrl + \-Current module shortcuts

Ctrl + Q key-Quit Lightroom

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