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Class NameTestimonial
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI received this course as a gift from my husband for Christmas. To be honest I hadn't done much research on photogrpahy classes, but the little I had done took me to the bigger learning facilites in the city which was intimidating and not at all what I was interested in. After mentioning to other photographer friends that I was going to be attending classes at Burwell, the response I received was VERY positive and I was told that I would not be disappointed. This class I took was amazing and my friends were in fact right, I was not disappointed. Chris is warm and friendly and his passion for photography shows in his teaching. I am now signed up to take the Wildlife photography class in June which I am super excited about. I am sure I will be signing up for every class I can with Burwell.
1/24/2018 9:21 AM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI found Burwell via a google search and was impressed with the reviews so I booked the course for myself. It did not disappoint. I was really impressed with the course. I received my camera as a gift, and was wanting to learn how to make the most out of it! I was impressed with how thorough the course was in teaching us all the necessary aspects to get a technically good quality photo. The manual I received from the course has been a good resource when I have forgotten how to change a certain setting, or what a certain setting is used for. I feel really comfortable with my camera now. Chris was great! It was obvious he is passionate about photography. The course is layed out really well so as to continuously build on concepts that we have learned during the weekend. There was a great mix of instruction and hands-on practice. Taking the course has ignited my curiosity for wanting to explore more with photography. I learned a lot in the course and feel I can begin creating some really good images with my camera, but I also want to learn more! Once I practice on my own for a bit, I want to take a few more of courses that you offer!
1/27/2018 9:46 AM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI truly enjoyed this class. It afforded me the knowledge and hands on experience to better know my camera and how I can use all its functionality to produce excellent quality photographs. Chris is an excellent instructor who is knowledgeable, personable and approachable. He truly is a professional, and his knowledge of the workings of a variety or types of cameras is impressive. This course provided me with the technical knowledge I relied previously on “automatic mode”, to be able to take charge of my camera and its settings with confidence when taking pictures. I can honestly say that it is one of the best courses I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to attending some of the other classes offered by Burwell.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have attended other photography classes which were a complete waste of my time. So with hesitation I signed up for one more basic course on learning how to operate my Dslr camera. Anyone just starting or is confused about their camera as I was, I strongly recommend that you sign up for the basic course. The instructor is amazing and he was easy to understand. I am now able to take pictures in manual mode after three years of owning my camera and several useless photography classes.
8/27/2018 12:52 PM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI enjoyed the class thoroughly , instructor was professional , informative and captivated his audience. Looking forward to taking more classes and would highly recommend the Burwell School of Photography to anyone interested in becoming a photographer or just wanting to understand and use their camera with greater proficiency.
Off Camera Flash ClassI expected to feel like my head was swimming with information after the course, but instead I felt like I had a real understanding of how to use my flash and begin to use it more creatively. I like how Bruce made sure we knew the foundations before we move on. ===> Donna B-K.
Wedding Photography ClassI found Chris Stambaugh to be an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and outgoing teacher who is full of information he is more than willing to share. ===> Don R.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI was very pleased with my first class at Burwell School of Photography. The class exceeded my expectations and I feel so much more confident with my camera. Chris was an excellent instructor who made it so easy to learn. I can’t wait to take my next class!
10/15/2018 8:12 PM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe class was great, Chris is very knowledgeable and easy to listen too, I really enjoy his hands on approach of teaching because that is how I learn best. I have learned so much more by attending this class then reading the manual, that wasn't as helpful or interesting as this class was.I can actually try out what I am learning and get help when I didn't understand. I look forward to taking more classes and practicing all that I have learned.
11/13/2018 4:52 PM
Off Camera Flash ClassI just just finished my class this weekend with Bruce and learned SO MUCH... he took the fear I have had with learning how to use a flash... let alone off camera flash. Very happy to have taken this class. J. Smith
Off Camera Flash ClassThe Off Camera Flash course was fun. I learned a lot. Bruce is a great teacher.===> Mirka A.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis is the first in class photo course I have attended I learnt more in 2 days than years of trying to figure it out online or with books. It has sparked a passion for using my camera for more than kids sports
11/13/2018 4:55 PM
Portrait PhotographyOur instructor was very knowledgeable, and kept the learning fun and accessible. We had a really good group of students too, which made the group assignments a blast! I learned a lot, and the hands-on practice leaves me confident that I'll retain my new knowledge and make very good use of it.
12/5/2018 8:44 PM
Off Camera FlashThis class upped my game so much. Not only is Bruce an amazing and approachable instructor, he teaches concepts that are full of math and physics in such a way that you don't even realize you're doing math & physics until after you already understand it.
Digital Photography for BeginnersThis was a very enjoyable, educational and fun class
10/1/2018 5:34 PM
Lightroom ClassI have taken a few classes at Grant MacEwan College on photography and was not very impressed. I thought that because I was in a college setting that I would learn the most there is to learn and get the most for my dollar but I was very wrong. I took a basics class on my new DSLR Camera and found that I was more confused than when I first walked into the class. I feel that there was too much theory and not enough practicality. I then spoke to an individual about taking a course on Lightroom and she highly recommended Paul Burwell at the Burwell School of Photography and said that I would really enjoy his teaching methods and would learn a lot about the software. Paul is very patient and explains things very well. He is very thorough and teaches you step by step on how to do something. We looked at the notes he provided us but also took down a bunch of notes throughout the class and practiced each and every step that there was to learn. I highly recommend this class for people who want to learn Lightroom and I highly recommend taking any classes on photography or any software with Paul Burwell. I will definitely be taking more classes with him in the very near future! ===> Lenda S.
Portrait Photography ClassJust starting out taking portraits. This class helped me learn how to take portraits and has allowed me to go back and look at my old work and critique what I have done to learn from my errors.
7/3/2018 9:29 AM
Portrait Photography ClassThis was a really wonderful class, packed full of interesting and important information. Chris always creates a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in which to learn. No question is a dumb question for him! The group was a good group of mixed interest and ability and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. I can't wait to take the next module!!
6/12/2018 11:11 AM
Posing Families and ChildrenTit was a very great course as I learned many areas never would have known without getting it from a qualified instructor/photographer...Chris was a very great instructor and friendly. He also showed me a few features with my camera and lenses. He was very approachable and answered many questions with the class and had no problem as he felt we had to know and was not afraid to giving us help. We all had fun and interactive when posing in our groups. All in All I rate the course and class 10+..... I Will be taking more courses as have in the past. I can relax as am going on holidays soon and going to be shooting family portraits and I can put my experience to great use...Thank You Chris for a great course...
6/25/2018 5:33 PM
Studio LightingAn essential piece of photography fundamentals. Not only do you learn studio lighting, but it is designed to help you understand the underlying foundation of lighting in general. Hands-on experience with the equipment really helped me understand the broad application of all the gear involved in the studio. I know I will apply the acquired skills to my work in the future. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable not only about the methods and equipment used in studio lighting, but how it can be used in the industry for clients.
5/16/2018 2:28 PM
Architecture PhotographyRocco is a kind, talented and qualified photographer to teach this class. He is very approachable and goes above and beyond to see us succeed. Thanks Burwell for nabbing him!
5/1/2018 5:52 PM
Newborn PhotographyI really wanted to learn the techniques on doing newborn photography. I know how delicate the babies are so I search and found Burwell School of Photography in the internet. I am so impressed on the photos they shown on the website. So even if I am from 565 km away, I could say it is all worth the travel and worth the time! I learned a lot from my mentors as they shared their skills, talents and lots of encouragements. I am now more confident to do newborn photos.
4/17/2018 8:52 PM
Macro PhotographyI have dabbled in Macro photography with my camera's but after this course I now understand and am much more comfortable with this mode of photography. The Burwell School of Photography instructor (Sandy Weatherall) was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a very interactive manner interspersing lecture/questions with active skill stations. She let us explore our creative styles and assisted us with problem solving to obtain the photographs we were attempting to capture. I am planning on completing a diploma track through Burwell and look forward to other courses with Ms. Weatherall. Thank You,
4/10/2018 6:22 AM
Digital Photography for BeginnersThoroughly enjoyed this class. The day went by so fast. Our instructor Sandy made the class fun and interesting. This is a great class of Beginners!
3/9/2018 10:02 AM
Digital Photography for BeginnersI was a total novice with the DSLR Canon camera and found the camera's manual technical as opposed to practical and wanted hands-on explanations for the camera's options. This was amply covered in the course along with the excellent course manual. I left the course feeling very confident with the camera and eager to apply all that had been covered. The instructor, Sandy Weatherall, clearly has a passion for photography which was relayed to the class through her presentations and a high level energy maintained to the end. Excellent instructor. I highly recommend this course for beginners and will enroll in future classes.
2/14/2018 11:26 AM
Wedding Photography ClassThis was a fantastic course! Not only did I learn a ton about wedding photography, I learned skills that apply to other niches of photography as well. So glad that I took this course & Bruce is just a fantastic instructor.
4/23/2018 2:01 PM
Off Camera Flash ClassAside from the learning, and inspiration provided by the instructors I love the atmosphere in these classes. ===> Kathy P.
Portrait Photography ClassI took a college photography course a few tears ago, I learned more in these past 2 days than I did in 4 months full time courses. I found the portrait class to be very informative. It really helped me fine tune some of the areas I needed some help on, and highlighting what does and does not work for posing and why. I am now much more confident to tackle family groups. ===> Heather M.
Lightroom ClassI came to the course with a list of things I wanted to learn over the weekend, by Sunday morning the list was checked off and I was learning things I didn’t even know enough about to formulate a question. Paul Burwell has a very clean clear way of teaching. He uses the “I’ll show you then you do it yourself” method that ensures every student actually performs the lesson on their own computer. His knowledge of the subject matter is remarkable and he will approach the subject from whichever direction it takes to get the point across. I’m stoked and ready to “Lightroom my world”. I got my monies worth by 10:00 Sunday morning. ===> Ray R.
Lightroom ClassPaul was a very knowledgable instructor who was always willing to help and assist his students. His knowledge of the subject was excellent and obviously enjoys photography. ===> David A.
Lightroom ClassPaul made sure this workshop was very laid back, yet very informative and thorough. I was a bit intimidated by the “bootcamp” part of the course name, but Paul is a great instructor and made learning the program easy. I highly recommend this workshop. <<==>>Shaeleen B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassA great class for someone with a beginning understanding of the manual functions of a digital camera. Very glad I participated in it.
8/27/2018 12:21 PM
Off Camera Flash ClassThe Off Camera Flash course with Bruce was VERY GOOD. Thanks to Bruce for doing a great job! ===> Kathy S.
Wedding Photography ClassThis was my first time with Bruce and heard from others he is very knowledgeable. The course program was well laid out and easy to follow. I enjoyed the course for sure. Thanks Bruce
4/23/2018 4:16 PM
PhotoshopPhotoshop this last weekend was my second course with Burwell. Instructors for both were excellent and approached their teaching from a photographer business point of view. I found this personally invaluable. The courses so far were really about making this a shortcut to making beautiful images. I'm off again this weekend to Burwell for my 3rd course. Then another in 3 weeks. Thanks to the instructors who made this something (hopefully) I will never forget.
Wildlife Photography ClassPhotography enthusiasts in the Edmonton area are very fortunate to have access to Paul Burwell’s School of Photography. Paul shares not only his knowledge and skill as a professional photographer but also his passion for maintaining the habitat in which there is wildlife to photograph. <<==>> Stuart M.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI really enjoyed the Digital Camera Fundamentals Class. It actually exceeded my expectations and Chris was an excellent instructor. I finally know what my camera is capable of and I'm excited to learn more. As well, compared to other places offering similar classes, it was more reasonably priced. Over all I would highly recommend it.
5/15/2018 1:57 PM
Wildlife Photography ClassThe Wildlife Intensive Weekend was an excellent investment of my time and my money. I brought back an album of wildlife photos that I never even dreamed of being able to shoot. A couple of things that I particularly enjoyed were the presentation on the equipment that Paul uses to capture his amazing images and his practicle approach to aquiring the gear. The presentation on the techniques used to get the images was especially helpful…. it puts getting high quality images within my reach now. The critique on the photos we took was really helpful because it was totally constructive and informative… didn’t feel critized but instructed on where to make small adjustment to improve the overall images. <<==>> Ray R
Lightroom ClassThis is the second of many workshops I will be attending, put on by the Burwell School of Photography. These workshops are far superior to any book oe online tutorial that is available today….In My Humble Opinion!!! All questions are answered in such a manner that all will learn something from the response. The atmosphere is great and the material presented is second to none!! I would strongly recommend any and all workshops offered are a must attend, everyone from basic beginner to advanced pro everyone will come away with new and exciting knowledge.<<==>> Pat W.
Wildlife Photography ClassYour knowledge of workflow and processing software is the best I have ever seen from an instructor. I could spend much more time at a workshop learning from your instruction. <<==>> MH
Lightroom ClassI attended the Paul Burwell LightRoom 3 boot camp. I would highly recommend this course or any other that Paul teaches. His knowledge and teaching skills are fantastic. The class was well organized, easy to follow, and full of great info you would not find in a book. I have taken many other courses and Paul’s was definitely the best I have ever attended. I received excellent value for my funds spent on the course. I will definetely sign up for another. (Thanks Paul) <<==>> Darren M.
GeneralTotally experiential and relaxing – best way to learn without trepidation of “screwing up” or fear of annoying the instructor. Strongly recommended as a first time course for the conscientious beginner and the amateur wishing to hone skills.<<==>>JJ
Photoshop ClassPhotoshop was the fourth course I have completed with the Burwell School. Each course has significantly added to my photography tool box. Sandy has presented the fundamentals and provided enough hands on to get familiar with the basics of the program. I am looking forward to getting some experience with the program and fine tuning some of my images.
2/27/2018 6:24 PM
Studio LightingBruce did a great job with this course. He was relaxed and funny and made everyone feel (in my opinion) that they were on the road to becoming great photographers. He made sure to refer to our individual interests and never made me feel stupid for asking questions.
Wildlife Photography ClassBefore I took Paul’s “Wildlife Intensive Weekend Workshop” I had a very hard time taking photos of wildlife and felt it was next to impossible for me. I love wildlife and always admired the photographers who took breath taking wildlife photos. Paul, in his workshop gave me the knowledge, guidence and field trip experience. The rest was up to my imagination and creativity. In a totally unrelated photography course, I submitted one of my photos from Paul’s workshop as a homework assigment due the same weekend as Paul’s workshop. Comments were made from students that I could sell the photo with extremely positive comments from the instructor. <<==>> Irenva V.
GeneralThis is my second workshop taken with PaulBurwell and I enjoyed the workshop even more than I did the first one! Once again, I was on overload of all the information learned by the end of the workshop and Paul Burwell is a fantastic instructor/teacher. The Providence Renewal Centre is a perfect location especially for this workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography even if it is just so you can take better photographs for your own personal use. I definitely plan to take other workshops in the future. Thanks again, Paul!
Wildlife Photography ClassI found Paul’s Wildlife Tips, Tricks & Techniques intensive Workshop to provide some good insight into getting better wildlife shots and a nice ‘behind the scenes’ look on how professional photos are made. The course was accessible enough in price and content that most anyone could attend and have fun. I found Paul Burwell to be accessible, humble and professional. Most low priced courses are just a big advertisement for an instructor’s expensive courses, but this course had real content and very little upselling. Also most intro courses are all classroom and no fieldwork, but Paul’s course had two distinctly different shoots in the field. For the price, this course was great.<<==>>Tony W.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI truly enjoyed this class. It afforded me the knowledge and hands on experience to better know my camera and how I can use all its functionality to produce excellent quality photographs. Chris is an excellent instructor who is knowledgeable, personable and approachable. He truly is a professional, and his knowledge of the workings of a variety or types of cameras is impressive. This course provided me with the technical knowledge I relied previously on “automatic mode”, to be able to take charge of my camera and its settings with confidence when taking pictures. I can honestly say that it sone of the best courses I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to attending some of the other classes offered by Burwell.
2/6/2019 3:33 PM
Lightroom ClassI attended the Adobe Lightroom 3 Intensive workshop held recently at the Ramada Inn, Edmonton. The workshop was a wise investment, it gave me a real jump start into using the software. I had not used the program before attending the workshop, and experienced Paul to be a great instructor, he utilized the meaning of Intensive… covering a great of information in two days. That couldn’t be done without knowing the software as well as Paul did. I highly recommend if you are upgrading or starting fresh you won’t be disappointed by either time or money that you invest in the workshop. <<==>> Kim Taylor Fine Art Photography Bragg Creek, AB
Lightroom ClassI had been struggling with Lightroom 3 for some time and was becoming more and more frustrated with it (I must admit I’m not a computer wiz). After viewing a few on line tutorials which were very good I became lost very quickly. I had succumb to the idea that indeed my computers, software and cameras were indeed smarter than I. My wife recognizing my frustration and out of the blue said here is a course you should attend…..and it’s in Edmonton!!! I looked at the advertisement and recognized Paul Burwell’s name immediately. Knowing a bit about his photography style and the courses he has offered through his school (Burwell School of Photography) not to mention his reputation within the photography world I registered for the Lightroom Intensive Weekend Workshop. Being a little sceptical on my abilities on the computer and past outcomes with Lightroom I was very pleased find the class size small which afforded all questions to be answered not only too my satisfaction but too the entire classes satisfaction as well. I found his teaching method easy to follow and Paul was a Veritable Gold Mine of information. I have not learned so much in a short period of time as I did on this course. I would recommend this course or any other courses offered by Paul Burwell, and simply say they are a must take and well worth the time!!
GeneralA lot of material presented in a short time but presentation was well organized and flowed easily. Instructor knowledge and relaxed enthusiasm made the material easy to digest. <<==>> Brian H.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI enjoyed the class thoroughly , instructor was professional , informative and captivated his audience. Looking forward to taking more classes and would highly recommend the Burwell School of Photography to anyone interested in becoming a photographer or just wanting to understand and use their camera with greater proficiency.
2/4/2019 11:52 AM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI really enjoyed the class. The pace was at a level that I could process andif I take the time to practice I feel the quality of my pictures will greatly improve and the photos I take on future vacations will be a real joy
4/16/2018 10:25 PM
Wildlife Photography ClassPaul puts on a wonderful workshop-he is very knowlegable about Wildlife Photography, the natural history of the animals he photos, is concise, patient, thorough. Paul clearly outlines a “road map” for each and every student on how to attain great wildlife pictures! This includes equipment selection, attaining proper exposure, composition, evaluation of the photos and enhancing the photos on the computer. Now I am planning on taking Lightroom through Paul so I can continue to learn more!! <<==>> Jim
Wildlife Photography ClassThank you Paul for a wonderful workshop experience. The information that you provided was presented in an applicable, relevant manner. You were focused on your students and their needs. I have felt that my photography has taken a boost not only technically but in a practical way too. I am glad that I have not invested a lot of money into equipment (yet!) as your helpful advice will allow me to make more informed decisions as I move into a more advanced SLR system of camera and lenses. I had a lot of fun in the class and in the field. What a wonderful opportunity to take the skills learnt and immediately apply them in the field. The added bonus was having you critique them too. You will certainly see me sitting in a class or on a trip you lead in the future. <<==>> Cathy H
GeneralI enjoyed this course!! Paul is an excellent instructor! <<==>> BD
GeneralPaul is awesome! He is knowlegeable, kind and friendly <<==>> AN
GeneralWell presented and organized! I would recommend to anyone.I LOVED the Travel Photography course. Darlene was a fantastic instructor sharing her passion for photography and inspiring ideas for my travel to India! I highly recommend this course to anyone planning a trip. She led us through what to pack, security while travelling, and sooooooo many ideas for how to use your camera and create a "story" that will leave you with treasured memories for the future!
Travel Photography ClassI was very happy with the wide range of topics covered in the class and the instructor was excellent; I felt like I came away with more knowledge and ideas than I could have anticipated! <<==>> Trina
Travel Photography ClassI LOVED the Travel Photography course. Darlene was a fantastic instructor sharing her passion for photography and inspiring ideas for my travel to India! I highly recommend this course to anyone planning a trip. She led us through what to pack, security while travelling, and sooooooo many ideas for how to use your camera and create a "story" that will leave you with treasured memories for the future! <<==>> Tamara
Lightroom ClassSince I am not the most computor literate guy in town, I felt the demo of lightroom was much to confusing and that I would be better off with simpler programs. Upon completion of this program I realize the power and capabilities of Lightroom. Even if I just take advantage of the sorting and simpler editing I will be much better of long term, and it can be fast with a little practice. Paul puts it in terms for all to use. <<==>> Rob
Lightroom ClassGreat value for your money. Can't beat the hands on and visual how too's compared to trying from the book alone! <<==>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassThis course was an excellent course, very well designed and well organized. The process of working through the modules was clear and easy to follow. For someone who has tried to self teach from video's it is a great relief to finally "get it". Paul's in depth knowledge coupled with a dry sense of humour made for a great learning experience. An added bonus is the resource materials, exercises and follow-up provided afterwords. <<==>> Katherine
Lightroom ClassExcellent course Paul. The pace of the course was perfect and you were able to answer everyone's questions. Appreciated the fact that the course always started on time as well. Nice location to hold the workshop. <<==>> Vangi
Lightroom ClassIf you use a camera and want to manage your pictures, this is the course to take. Lightroom beats every other program I have used in the overall ease of use and functionality. Paul makes it easy to learn. The pace of the class is perfect, managing a balance between beginners and those with experience. It is more than a simple how to. He injects his experience, humour and helpful tips. Very good value for the money. I'm already looking at what to sign up for next. <<==>> Beth
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassIf you are thinking about taking a photography class, take Digital Camera Fundamentals at Burwell School of Photography. Venue is comfortable but the quality of instruction is exceptional. Chris Stambaugh is able to help students with a variety of makes of camera. He provided a good mix of instruction and practice. Well worth the time and money.
3/30/2018 9:55 AM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWell worth the money and my time! I learned so much so quickly and Paul has a way of explaining technical stuff so that it isn't so scary! Will definitely recommend and take more classes myself. Delicious meals as well, nice little extra surprise <<==>> Tina
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI really enjoyed the Digital Camera Fundamentals class. It has given me a better understanding of all of the functions my camera has and how to manipulate them to achieve great technically sound photographs. It seems unlikely that I will use the Auto setting again!
3/19/2018 5:03 PM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassHighly recommend this class, especially if you've tried to learn on your own before and are worried you're never going to figure this stuff out. I'm kind of hyper and asked lots of questions (probably far too many) to make sure I really understood. Chris knows pretty much everything, and he's good at teaching it. You will definitely learn to start taking the kind of photos you've always wanted but didn't know how to achieve.
3/19/2018 4:36 PM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis class was a real head turner! The manufacturer provides a user manual, but no one to interpret the application of the statements therein. This class opened the door to a more pleasurable photographic experience. The class is true value for dollar spent. <<==>> RJS
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe fundamentals course is a great class for beginners or anyone who would like to know the functionality of their camera. You will not come out of the course an instant "professional" photographer, but you will have the core skills and fundamentals to confidently take the next steps to becoming a better photographer in whatever field you choose. The course certainly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of my camera and gave me the confidence and skills to take the photos that I "envision" without relying on the camera's auto settings. The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly, fun, and portrayed the concepts in an easy to understand manner. The course had enough hands on sessions to help understand the course content, but not so much that it felt like it dragged on. It was the perfect length. A great value for money and time and I would highly recommend this course ... can't wait to get out there and start practicing!!
3/1/2018 7:24 AM
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPhotography is my current passion - since the birth of my daughter. My desire to record my child's life moments has led to the dream of becoming a newborn/child/family photographer...to help others capture their special memories. This class has given me a big step in the right direction. I look forward to growing my knowlege and opportunities through more classes at Burwell! <<==>> Kirsten
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI found the class to be fantastic. Great atmosphere, lots of interesting material, nice class sizes, lots of hands on time, evenly paced and all of my questions were answered in a fashion that I fully understood what I needed to know. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, I plan to take more classes myself! <<==>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI now feel like I have an understanding of the settings on my camera and will use it so much more effectively to take the kind of photos I envision. The class room experience and hands on activities, as well as the homework combined to help me gain confidence in using my camera outside of automatic mode. I came away from this class inspired and excited to experiment! <<==>> Catherine P.
Portrait Photography ClassI have been taking photos for a lot of year but I learned so much in this class. Chris was an excellent teacher that knew what he was doing! He was very willing to make sure that your questions were fully answered! Can't wait for the Wedding Photography class with Chris later this month. <<==>> Carla V.
Portrait Photography ClassChris did a great job of teaching a huge subject in 12 hours. The practical scenarios and practice allowed us to implement the skills taught right there, no waiting. His method of answering questions with "set it up and see how it looks" was way better than just telling the class how to do it. Good fun for a weekend! <<==>> Art B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have been using my camera for YEARS and have taken a couple of beginner classes throughout that time. This is the first time I have gone home and felt like I was intelligently using the settings on my camera. Before this class, I was almost at the point where it was a frustration to pick up my camera. Now, I cannot wait to get home from work to practice what I have learned and play with the settings...and I cannot wait to sign up for another course at BSOP! <<===>> Nicole T.
Portrait Photography ClassThe Portait class was excellent. I learned so much and was able to ask questions that have been on my mind for a long time and get great answers. It was great that I could take it over one weekend as sometimes 4 nights just doesn't work. The knowledge that I learned was well worth the money spent. Thanks Chris for a great class. <<==>> Dianne W.
Lightroom ClassDarlene really knows her Lightroom stuff! She is like a human encyclopedia on everything Lightroom and she is so good at conveying the information. <<===>> Sandra G.
Lightroom ClassBecause the classes are smaller the instructors seem much more available to help the students on an individual basis. Also supplying a manual for the material is unique and not always practiced in schools like NAIT. <<===>> Karen B.
Lightroom ClassWhat I learned in two days in this workshop would have taken me weeks to figure out on my own! <<===>> Andrea F.
Lightroom ClassLightroom is an amazing tool for photographers and Darlene Hildebrandt made it even more amazing. She has an excellent teaching style - never leaving anyone behind. She is knowledgeable and a fun instructor. I'd take any class Darlene teaches! <<===>> Wendy C.
Lightroom ClassI look forward to more courses from Burwell School of Photography. I especially liked Darlene Hildebrandt as an approachable and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you. <<===>> Bob S.
Off Camera Flash ClassI had a idea as to what I was doing with off camera flash but after attending the course I came away with confidence. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone. <<===>> David N.
Off Camera Flash ClassI have taken photography courses through several providers. The Burwell courses are always the best: small class sizes, excellent experienced instructors and lots of hands-on practice. I highly recommend Burwell School of Photography. <<===>> Shirley B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have already recommended the class to a couple of my friends who have talked about taking a class. It was fabulous and I'm so glad I chose this school over the rest on the net. I have owned my Canon for 5 years and I learned more about it in the first hour of the class than I have in the 5 years I've owned it!! Paul is a very talented Photographer and I'm glad to have had him as my instructor. I will definitely be taking more of the courses over time! <<===>> Carrie T.
Digital Photography for Beginners ClassI've always had a camera and upgraded to an SLR a few years ago. Decided to take the beginners class and realized that there's always things to learn. Ian Scott was very informative and had a wealth of knowledge. I'm so glad I took the class and I'm looking forward to taking the next one as well. Thanks <<===>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis class was AMAZING! Paul is an excellent instructor who knows the material inside and out. The hands-on experience in class allowed us to see our learning right on our camera. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone looking to get out of "auto" mode. <<===>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI love being able to dedicate and entire weekend to photography! Learning from qualified, current and creative photographers/instructors, inspires and motivates me to learn more and get out there and practice what l love. I am thankful that l found this school. It provides me with exactly what l want: 1) all questions answered, 2) new areas of photography explored and many tidbits of information and techniques that l can incorporate into my work as an amateur photographer. I look forward to completing all the courses offered by Burwell School of Photography. There is plenty to learn and enjoy! <<===>> Magdalena B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis is a class with so much hands on exercises it really helps you. The one on one instruction is great. As I had just bought my camera and new nothing about this camera other than the automatic mode. After taking this class I now know not to trust what every sales person in retail is telling you.. As this is their job to sell. I will find a real camera store with trained personnel, for any future purchases. Well worth every penny spent for taking this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<===>> Dawn K.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have used a DSLR for about 10 years and have always managed okay, even in manual mode. The course cemented the concepts I was familiar with and made clear many that I still struggled with. I now understand the ISO, shutter speed and aperture triangle which will be a turning point for my photography with some practice. <<===>> Anonymous
Photographic CompositionAbsolutely love taking courses with Chris. He is so knowledgeable!! His ability to tweak images and turn them into more effective pieces, blows me away. He is kind and supportive with feedback and encourages interaction between students. He is super skilled on so many levels and I really appreciate his style of delivery, talent and chilled out nature.
Creative Photography FundamentalsThis course was excellent for me. Although I have been 'taking photos' for about 35 years, I, like many others, fell into the trap of the 'P' mode (automatic) when digital SLRs became mainstream. Click-click-click-click! Paul brought me back to the 'good old days' of thinking about what you are doing! (composition, exposure paramets etc), and I'm certainly glad to be back. When time permits, I will attend more courses as I do feel they offer excellent value. <<===>> Bruno L.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI took the Digital Camera Fundamentals Class, with very little knowledge about the camera other then point and shoot. Paul is an excellent teacher and full of knowledge. This class has lots of theory behind the camera, but the theory is backed up with great hands on training. You will walk away with a lot better understanding of your camera, and be eager to learn more. Class takes places at a great location and serves a great lunch. I can't wait to take my next course with Burwell School of Photography. <<===>> Christopher P.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have been using my digital camera for several years this is the first time it feels like a friend instead of a stranger, took several classes before this one and will never go anywhere else again. <<===>> Andrea F.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI took another class a few months ago and I felt pretty good about my camera but then I took Paul's class and I feel so confident using my camera. I went straight to the Muttart after class and took pictures of flowers for two hours and only went home because I needed to make dinner. The way the class is taught breaks it down so nicely. I feel comfortably playing with my camera is manual and have never had so much fun using it. Thank you so much Paul! <<===>> Ellyse K.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassSince I received my camera as a gift I was almost too intimidated to use it, especially taking it off the automatic settings. I really enjoyed Paul's straightforwardness and sense of humor to help relieve any apprehension I felt using all the features on my camera. For that I thank you Paul. For the first time I truly understand Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, and much much more. I was so excited to discovery more about photography that I rushed home that first night of classes and registered for my next class! I would highly recommend this class. Take the first step and register - you won't be sorry that you did it! See you in September Paul! <<===>> Diane D.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe Burwell digital camera fundamentals class was excellent - A professional course for Armatures. If you have a digital camera and want to have a better understanding of your camera then I highly recommend this course. The instructors make it easy to follow and you can't help but walk away a better photographer. Even if its just better holiday pictures. <<===>> Tom D.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassOne of the things that stands out the most about the Digital Fundamentals class is the level of experience and knowledge that the instructors have. There are many options out there but when you look at who will be teaching you the Burwell School of Photography stands out. <<===>> Bradley A.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI enjoyed the class. I was familiar with SLR and the manual functions when I was shooting film and though I was ready for a digital SLR, I was intimidated by the user's manual. Not anymore!. Thank you Darlene and Burwell. See you again. <<===>> Anonymous
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassA class where you start to think outside of the box and your creativity just keeps flowing. Excellent class <<===>> Daniela B.
Lightroom ClassI found this workshop extremely helpful in explaining how Lightroom 4 works and the many ways in which it can be used when working with photographs. The step by step, hands on approach is an excellent way to learn, understand and remember so much new information and is a lot of fun as well. This course opened up all sorts of new possibilities for me. <<===>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassI learned more in two days with Paul than I did in three months of trying to figure it out on my own; I feel extremely confident in my new skills and would highly recommend this class to anyone! <<===>> Trina S.
Lightroom ClassI appreciated how each step, even the minutest of finding what icon or menu to click on the screen, whether to right or left click something and explaining keyboard shortcuts to simplify the process were all explained so that nothing was left to assumption of previous knowledge of the student. Everyone was able to keep up. <<===>> Chantal C.
Lightroom ClassI felt like I should have a "that was easy" button. Each topic was covered succinctly & clearly followed by time to practice. I was switching over from Aperture and was daunted and to be honest a little overwhelmed at the prospect of learning Lightroom yet all day I kept thinking, well that was easy. I was amazed at how quickly we covered the vast amount of material that is in the Scott Kelby book. Thanks Paul. <<===>> Karen A.
Lightroom ClassBest class I have taken. I learned so much in just two days. <<===>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassThis course was great, very overwhelming of how much information there is in this program. Paul is great, patient and very knowledgeable! I'd recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn about Lightroom! Cheers! <<===>> Judy C.
Lightroom ClassThe pace of the course was excellent. And the growth curve for me was exponential. Learning the basics of Lightroom along with some wonderful "short cut" tricks was awesome. The class size was right, and it gave the instructor time to walk around as we worked on exercises, Much faster than learning from a book on your own. I feel most confident that I can touch up my photos to have a wow effect. <<===>> Bill A.
Macro Photography ClassThis course brings out your creative side. Not only will you learn about Macro photography, but the hands on approach/practice you do in class will give you experience and confidence to continue with Macro photography. <<===>> Daniela B.
Macro Photography ClassNote sure if this will help, but this may help. Prior to the course (macro) I though I new the concept, after the course I still have only touched the surface, but the course has given me the knowledge and access to the photo resources that I now have a new hobby within a hobby. Plus I have gained the confidence to apply the concepts using both traditional and creative approaches. <<===>> Leon M.
Macro Photography ClassAs a tactile learner, the combination of macro & photographic theory combined with the hands on stations really challenged my creativity and expanded my macro skills way more then I expected. <<===>> Laura M.
Macro Photography ClassI have attended several courses at other venues, and this by far was the best. We were able to put into practice immediately, and get feedback...immediately about what was good, and what was not so good. The pace was perfect and the instructor extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend The Burwell School of Photography highly, and will be taking more courses through them. <<===>> Dave R.
Studio Lighting ClassDevelopment of new skills sometimes requires the student to be placed in the drivers seat. With the instructor at arms length, the student is challenged to make hands on decisions necessary to achieve the goal and purpose of the course. The students personal confidence and future decision making are strongly influenced. The instructor, the assistant, and the model's chosen makes this course a must have. <<===>> Bob S.
Studio Lighting ClassYour instructor impressed me very much. He was a very good speaker who was easy to understand and to learn from. <<===>> William S.
Studio Lighting ClassOf all the courses taken, this was one of the most enjoyable courses. In large part that statement is based on three key item's; the instructor, the assistant, and the models chosen. Personally I came away wanting more of the same. <<===>> Robert S.
Studio Lighting ClassBruce Clarke was an incredible instructor! He knows his stuff, loved his sence of humour and he just made the class fun and made you want to get involved learning to setup softboxes,the backdrops, models he chose were great to! I'd recommend Burwell School of Photography to anyone! <<===>> Judy C.
Studio Lighting ClassThe course provided me with a good move back into portrait work. The instructor was skilled, organised, and very personable. He fostered good comraderie with the group and adapted well to the loss of one of the models. For most students, the was a follow-up to a course they did with the same instructor the previous weekend. I did not have a problem joining this group. I think that BSOP has developed a good system for delivering photo education and oportunities. <<===>> Ken H.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPaul is FANTASTIC!! Loved having him as a teacher and a leader. Paul knows his stuff. I own a Nikon and he never failed to know how to get to the options. I cannot wait to attend more classes with Paul. <<===>> Carla V
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassGuaranteed to significantly improve your confidence and quality of photographs in one short weekend. By far, one of the best classes I've attended for a long time. <<===>> Donna S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassAnyone wishing to learn more about their camera should take this class. It gives you the confidence to take the camera out of the automatic mode and start experimenting. Paul does a great job of explaining, and gives you lots of opportunity to try the different techniques. I would highly recommend this course! <<===>> Jenn G.
Macro Photography ClassI have attended several classes at the Burwell School at this location and every time I have come away with a good feeling. The instructors are approachable and knowledgeable in a setting that is casual yet disciplined. My knowledge about photography has increased to the point that the confidence is there to put into practice what I have learned. The ratio of lucky shots from the past has gone down greatly and has now been replaced with good shots based on technique and know how. I highly recommend these classes to everyone that likes to increase their knowledge about photography. <<===>> Peter S.
Macro Photography ClassPaul is very knowledgeable on any photography topic and all technology related to it. He was patient throughout the course as we asked lots of questions and wouldn't move on until it was answered. He kept it interesting by demonstrations and adding his dry humour. The second day was all our photography and the challenges he presented were both interesting and fun. Reviewing everyone's photos was great and Paul was encouraging and positive throughout. Overall an excellent instructor and topic and one of the best photography courses I have taken. I will definitely be taking more courses from BSOP. <<===>> Bob D.
Macro Photography ClassThis workshop was, for me, one of the most practical experiences I have had in the many classes I have taken to hone my photographic skills. The theoretical aspects of macro photography were well-explained beforehand, followed by the full-day opportunity to put this learning into practice. Of particular value was the ongoing chance to share our attempts and receive honest critical appraisal of the positives and negatives of each image. I appreciated Paul's understanding that class members were all at different points on the continuum of learning, as well as his ability to make concepts clearer through demonstration and guidance. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for another BSOP course!!<<===>>Colleen S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI loved being in an atmosphere where I didn't feel judged. My lack of knowledge was something I shared with the majority of the people in the class and we all learned together. It was a great way to meet some new people and learn new things about a hobby we all have in common. Overall, there isn't anything I wouldn't change about the course. <<==Sarah S.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPaul is extremely knowledgeable about photography, and he teaches very well. His sense of humor is great, and it helps make the class more enjoyable. I have learned so much in just 2 days, I can't wait to start taking amazing pictures and practicing all the time. I definitely will recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing photography! Had a great experience, and I am looking forward to taking some more courses at this school!
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI really enjoyed the pace of the class and Paul's patience and attention to individual questions. He never let anyone lag behind and ensured that everyone understood the concepts and had time to complete the in-class practice. His explanations and feedback of our photos made learning "realtime" and allowed us to see the results of the changes we made. I know I'll be shooting with more confidence, with more control of my camera. It's a must-have course for anyone wondering what all those different controls are, on the digital SLRs. The small class size is great. I know I'll be back for additional courses. <<==Peter D==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe Digital Camera Fundamentals class at Burwell School of Photography was excellent. I knew practically nothing about cameras/photography going in to the class, but have come out not only functional (no more auto button for me!) but also inspired!! I have already signed up for another course. Best photography school in the city.<<==Larua S.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe fundamentals class was worth the money by the end of the first morning. Although there was a lot of information over the two days, the way it was presented, along with the exercises, made it all seem so easy. All those mystery buttons on my camera are no longer a mystery; as suspected, they are essential to getting the shots I always envisioned but didn't quite get. I am now the boss of my camera.<<==MKL==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWhen trying to decide which company to register with I was nervous to finally "pick one" as it felt like going on blind faith. Could it really be as good as all those reviews on the website? Were any negatived reviews just omitted? This course exceeded my expectations. It actually was as good as all those reviews. I am amazed at how much I learnt about my camera and photography in just two days. I am excited to practice all that I learnt and hope to have the opportunity to take more courses at Burwell School of Photography.<<==Laura B.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI feel everyone could benefit from taking this course, small classes, hands on instruction,would highly recommend this course. Will take more classes offered from Burwell!!!<<==Jill Victoor==>>
Studio Lighting ClassThe instructor for this course has a firm grip on the material he teaches. He is obviously a professional in this field and conducts himself as such. If you paid attention in the course there is no reason you shouldn't be able to confidently set up a multi light studio session and get very good results. (that's what I paid for... I'm not disappointed)<<==Ray R.==>>
Studio Lighting ClassThe course cleared up a bunch of issues i was running into with my own studio lighting shots. It also helped out with equipment selection with respect to modifiers and lighting.<<==Dave R.==>>
Lightroom ClassI attended the Lightroom 5 workshop. I enjoyed every second of it. Paul is very approachable and willing to help you with whatever question you have. I email this poor man all the time with questions regarding Lightroom and other aspects of working toward my diploma and he has ALWAYS responded. Thank you Paul !!<<==Melanie L.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have owned my DSLR camera for 4 years, and pretended I knew how to use it that whole time, attempting in vain to understand the concepts of Shutter Speed, Aperature and how they work together. it wasnt until about 12:00 on Saturday morning in Pauls class (4 years later) I actually got it. In the first 3 hours of Paul's class I finally understood those missing concepts. 6 hours in Pauls class and I was taking "perfectly exposed photos of Paul" everytime, and after 12 hours in Pauls class I was confident I would never again be using my camera and frustratingly flipping between modes and resorting to Auto because I couldnt figure it out. I got it, and now I can confidently use manual all the time!<<==Leslie-Anne O.==>>
Digital Photography for BeginnersOlivia was wonderful! Great attitude, a wealth of knowledge. I really enjoyed the class.<<==Carla I.==>>
Digital Photography for BeginnersI found my first class at Burwell Photography School to be excellent. The instructor was fabulous and really taught us a lot in a 6 hour sit down class without it ever being boring or too much information. The handouts were amazing and meant that you took the whole class home with you to review and refer back too. The food provided was great and made the day so relaxing. Very well organized! I will certainly take more classes in the future!<<==Sarah B.==>>
Digital Photography for BeginnersGood learning opportunity for a one-day class..prepares you for the next advance class to learn more of your camera functions. Instructions were conveyed clearly and I found it easy to understand. I'll go for another class for sure.<<==Ed J.==>>
Digital Photography for BeginnersGood learning opportunity for a one-day class..prepares you for the next advance class to learn more of your camera functions. Instructions were conveyed clearly and I found it easy to understand. I'll go for another class for sure.<<==Dave H.==>>
Digital Photography for BeginnersI bought my DSLR over 2 years ago had no idea what everything did on my camera so i thought i give this course a shot and wow Olivia was very knowledgeable on my camera and give me what the next course i should take for what i'm looking to do i learned a lot but i'm sure ill learn even more.<<==Curtis M.==>>