Studio Lighting Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Studio LightingAn essential piece of photography fundamentals. Not only do you learn studio lighting, but it is designed to help you understand the underlying foundation of lighting in general. Hands-on experience with the equipment really helped me understand the broad application of all the gear involved in the studio. I know I will apply the acquired skills to my work in the future. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable not only about the methods and equipment used in studio lighting, but how it can be used in the industry for clients.
5/16/2018 2:28 PM
Studio LightingBruce did a great job with this course. He was relaxed and funny and made everyone feel (in my opinion) that they were on the road to becoming great photographers. He made sure to refer to our individual interests and never made me feel stupid for asking questions.
Studio Lighting ClassDevelopment of new skills sometimes requires the student to be placed in the drivers seat. With the instructor at arms length, the student is challenged to make hands on decisions necessary to achieve the goal and purpose of the course. The students personal confidence and future decision making are strongly influenced. The instructor, the assistant, and the model's chosen makes this course a must have. <<===>> Bob S.
Studio Lighting ClassYour instructor impressed me very much. He was a very good speaker who was easy to understand and to learn from. <<===>> William S.
Studio Lighting ClassOf all the courses taken, this was one of the most enjoyable courses. In large part that statement is based on three key item's; the instructor, the assistant, and the models chosen. Personally I came away wanting more of the same. <<===>> Robert S.
Studio Lighting ClassBruce Clarke was an incredible instructor! He knows his stuff, loved his sence of humour and he just made the class fun and made you want to get involved learning to setup softboxes,the backdrops, models he chose were great to! I'd recommend Burwell School of Photography to anyone! <<===>> Judy C.
Studio Lighting ClassThe course provided me with a good move back into portrait work. The instructor was skilled, organised, and very personable. He fostered good comraderie with the group and adapted well to the loss of one of the models. For most students, the was a follow-up to a course they did with the same instructor the previous weekend. I did not have a problem joining this group. I think that BSOP has developed a good system for delivering photo education and oportunities. <<===>> Ken H.
Studio Lighting ClassThe instructor for this course has a firm grip on the material he teaches. He is obviously a professional in this field and conducts himself as such. If you paid attention in the course there is no reason you shouldn't be able to confidently set up a multi light studio session and get very good results. (that's what I paid for... I'm not disappointed)<<==Ray R.==>>
Studio Lighting ClassThe course cleared up a bunch of issues i was running into with my own studio lighting shots. It also helped out with equipment selection with respect to modifiers and lighting.<<==Dave R.==>>