Posing for Families and Children Class

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This Posing for Families and Children Class is more that what the title says. Students will learn how the classic techniques of posing Family portraits as well as any sort of group image. In this class you will also learn the important skills of planing and designing a portrait in consultation with the family that you will be photographing. Proper selection of clothing, props, locations, backgrounds and more will greatly enhance your chances of creating a wonderful portrait.

One skill the frequently eludes many photographers is finding a way to skillfully and naturally pose their subjects. With enough practice, posing adults can become relatively easy because they'll usually listen to your feedback. However, posing children requires an entirely special skill set. In the second day of class, we will bring in live child models to photograph. The exact age of the models will vary - models will generally be between 5 & 14 years old.

Through a series of classroom lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, your instructor will help you learn to pose children and families in a natural yet dynamic way.

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What You Will Learn

This is a 12 hour class that covers a large number of topics around the posing of families and children in portrait photography including:

  • How to set an appropriate atmosphere for productive photography with families and children
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Learning to interact with your subject(s)
  • Flattering poses for adults and children
  • Creative compositions
  • Patterns and Symmetry in Posing
  • Posing for young Children
  • Posing for Couples
  • Posing for Families
  • Posing for Large Groups

What to Expect

  • 12 Hours of Instruction
  • Demonstrations with children and families and the plenty of hands-on practice
  • Hot lunch on both days
  • Certificate of completion
  • Small group size, limited to 12 participants

Your Instructor for the Portrait Photography Class

Your instructor for the class will be Chris Stambaugh.

Chris is the former president of the Professional Photographer's of Canada and has been a professional photographer for almost three decades.

Chris holds the designations of "Master of Photographic Arts" and "Honorary Lifetime Member" by the PPOC and has won numerous awards for his work including being a finalist in the Alberta and Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year.

Chris runs his own photography business Imagine That Photographics where he specializes in portrait photography, commercial and school photos / graduation photography. Chris also teaches or has taught continuing education photography at NAIT and the U of A Faculty of Extension.

Chris teaches many classes at our photography school including; Photographic Composition, Posing Families and Children, Portrait Photography, Intermediate Level Photoshop, High Volume Photography, The Business of Photography, and the Digital Camera Fundamentals class.

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Equipment Required for our Posing for Families and Children Class

  • a digital SLR or camera with fully adjustable manual controls
  • a lens or lenses covering at least moderate wide angle to short telephoto focal lengths

Prerequisites Required for our Posing for Families and Children Class

  • students should be familiar with their camera settings and how to use it in Aperture Priority and/or Manual mode
  • recommended class is our Digital Camera Fundamentals or equivalent
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  • $325 Canadian Dollars (plus tax).
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Please read above and if the class you are interested in sold out, please click here to add your name to the wait list