Portrait Photography Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Portrait Photography ClassI took a college photography course a few tears ago, I learned more in these past 2 days than I did in 4 months full time courses. I found the portrait class to be very informative. It really helped me fine tune some of the areas I needed some help on, and highlighting what does and does not work for posing and why. I am now much more confident to tackle family groups. ===> Heather M.
Portrait Photography ClassI have been taking photos for a lot of year but I learned so much in this class. Chris was an excellent teacher that knew what he was doing! He was very willing to make sure that your questions were fully answered! Can't wait for the Wedding Photography class with Chris later this month. <<==>> Carla V.
Portrait Photography ClassChris did a great job of teaching a huge subject in 12 hours. The practical scenarios and practice allowed us to implement the skills taught right there, no waiting. His method of answering questions with "set it up and see how it looks" was way better than just telling the class how to do it. Good fun for a weekend! <<==>> Art B.
Portrait Photography ClassThe Portait class was excellent. I learned so much and was able to ask questions that have been on my mind for a long time and get great answers. It was great that I could take it over one weekend as sometimes 4 nights just doesn't work. The knowledge that I learned was well worth the money spent. Thanks Chris for a great class. <<==>> Dianne W.
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassThis is the second class i took with Burwell School of Photography and the easy going atmosphere and lost of hands on exercises during class made the time go by super fast. The instructors were very knowledgeable and approachable and gave us lots of tips even on questions asked beyond the course material. <<===>> Anonymous
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassVery impressed by Darlene's delivery and ability to have the entire class involved during the entire two days. Very happy she took the time to explain and ensure I understood the answer to each question I had. <<===>> Jason B.
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassI enjoyed the knowledge and confidence of the instructor. Darlene was very approachable with all aspects of the course. There was great interaction with the other class members which make for a great learning environment. I have learned a great deal about available light, setting up models, and fine details of the camera in this course. I have already noticed a difference in the photo I have taken after the course. Thanks Darlene. <<===>> Jill R.
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassTwo full days with Darlene Hildebrandt is a great way to learn 'Available Light'. The class size was small which allowed for individual help and sharing. The information given to us by Darlene was very clear and easy to understand. Having time for 'hands on' practice and then sharing was very beneficial. <<==>> Brenda D.
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassDarlene was an amazing instructor, she was so approachable and her knowledge of available lighting is very evident. It's nice to see that the teachers here are obviously doing what they love. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be able to get dramatic lighting effects with minimal equipment and a good knowledge of their camera functions. <<===>>Mark H.
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassI found the instructor to be very knowledgable, with a vast photographic experience to draw on! Darlene related all aspects of course material effectively to the various levels of photographic experience of the students. The two day course was fun, informatitive and great value.<<==Rick H.==>>
Available Light Portrait Photography ClassDarlene is very down to earth and easy to have a conversation with, and not just be talked at. I love her common sense approach, and how she made it comfortable to ask even what may have been the most simple question.<<==Darlene C.==>>