Pet Photography Class

No Runts in this litter
No Runts in this litter

Photography instructor Sandy Weatherall presents this class exclusively focused on pet photography.

We've had numerous requests to offer a pet class and we've been able to do just that!  

Sandy will help you learn that there is a huge difference between making a cute “snapshot” of a pet and making a compelling portrait. This class will help you learn to exercise your patience and love of animals while making skillfully crafted portraits. 

Using a combination of classroom lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises, Sandy will help you learn the techniques she uses to produce her stunning pet portraiture images.

Please note: this class will focus on dogs at this time; but owners of other types of pets are more than welcome as you'll surely benefit as well! (We don't prefer one animal to another and actually love cats, but making a cat relaxed in a classroom is an art form unto itself, and mixing cats and dogs might create photographic opportunities of a different kind altogether, so for now, our models will be exclusively dogs).

Cats Eye
Cats Eye

About your Instructor for the Pet Photography Class

Sandy-WeatherallYour instructor for the class will be Sandy Weatherall.

Sandy Weatherall has worked in various areas of the photography industry since graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology over 25 years ago.

She enjoys photographing her favorite things in life such as pets, sports and food.

You might recognize Sandy from your Digital Photography for Beginners class. She also teaches the Macro Photography class, Food Photography class and the Photoshop for Lightroom Users class here at our photography school.

Sandy's Jinsei Photographics web site will let you learn more about her and her photography.

What You Will Learn in our Pet Photography Class

This is a 12 hour lass that covers a large number of topics around the photography of pets including:

  • Equipment considerations
  • Understanding animal behavior and necessity of creating a stress free environment
  • Communicating with animals during a photography session
  • Setting considerations
  • Stylistic choices with aperture and shutter settings for creative compositions
  • Lighting considerations
  • Posing and perspective
  • Photography session tips and techniques
  • Developing a personal style

What to Expect

  • 12 Hours of Instruction
  • Demonstrations with dog models and the opportunity for hands-on photography practice
  • Hot lunch on both days
  • Certificate of completion
  • Small group size, limited to 12 participants

Equipment Required for our Pet Photography Class

  • a digital SLR or camera with interchangeable lenses with fully adjustable manual controls
  • a lens or lenses covering at least moderate wide angle to short telephoto focal lengths
  • students should be familiar with their camera settings and how to use it in Aperture Priority and/or Manual mode
  • recommended class is our Digital Camera Fundamentals or equivalent

Class Location


  • $300 Canadian Dollars (plus tax).
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More Information

Policies and payment information are available here.

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Phone: 780-669-1261

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