Off Camera Flash Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Off Camera Flash ClassI expected to feel like my head was swimming with information after the course, but instead I felt like I had a real understanding of how to use my flash and begin to use it more creatively. I like how Bruce made sure we knew the foundations before we move on. ===> Donna B-K.
Off Camera Flash ClassI just just finished my class this weekend with Bruce and learned SO MUCH... he took the fear I have had with learning how to use a flash... let alone off camera flash. Very happy to have taken this class. J. Smith
Off Camera Flash ClassThe Off Camera Flash course was fun. I learned a lot. Bruce is a great teacher.===> Mirka A.
Off Camera FlashThis class upped my game so much. Not only is Bruce an amazing and approachable instructor, he teaches concepts that are full of math and physics in such a way that you don't even realize you're doing math & physics until after you already understand it.
Off Camera Flash ClassAside from the learning, and inspiration provided by the instructors I love the atmosphere in these classes. ===> Kathy P.
Off Camera Flash ClassThe Off Camera Flash course with Bruce was VERY GOOD. Thanks to Bruce for doing a great job! ===> Kathy S.
Off Camera Flash ClassI had a idea as to what I was doing with off camera flash but after attending the course I came away with confidence. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone. <<===>> David N.
Off Camera Flash ClassI have taken photography courses through several providers. The Burwell courses are always the best: small class sizes, excellent experienced instructors and lots of hands-on practice. I highly recommend Burwell School of Photography. <<===>> Shirley B.