Night Photography Class

Join Dan Nelson for a Night Photography Class.  This course will teach you to make compelling images during the time of day most people don’t try to photograph: night time.

Dan will teach you about the equipment required along with the different technical considerations that are necessary when photographing at night. The class also includes a field trip that will provide you with hands-on experience to capture interesting images at night.

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Your Instructor for the Night Photography Class

Your instructor will be Dan Nelson.

Dan grew up in Dewberry, Alberta. His photography career started when Dan and his science teacher started a photography class when Dan was in grade 9. They taught darkroom techniques and processing to grades 7 and up. Dan continued doing this until he finished high school. He was also the yearbook photographer. 

After finishing high school, Dan was a TV camera man for five years doing studio and on location news work. In the mid-nineties, he moved to Edmonton to be a color dark room technician, working in sales and printing professional photographer’s competition work. Since then, and for the last twenty years, he has been working for Technicare Imaging, working with Photoshop and digital lab large format printers.

Dan is a self taught photographer and has been doing family portraiture, commercial photography and weddings for forty years. He joined the Professional Photographers of Canada in 1997 and received his Craftsman and Masters designations with accreditations in Image Manipulation and Fine Art. He has also judged image competitions for PPOC Alberta and Metro College.

He has expanded his knowledge experimenting with many different aspects of photography and has taken a special interest in Night Photography.

You can view Dan’s work and services at Dan Nelson Portrait Design

What You Will Learn During our Night Photography Class

  • how to photograph at night using long exposures
  • what equipment you need for night photography
  • the technique of painting with light
  • using alternative sources of light to your advantage
  • using a small flash(es)
  • do’s and don’ts
  • look at sample images using all these techniques
  • what problems you might encounter and how to solve them
  • a field trip to give you hands-on experience with Night Photography

What to Expect

  • 8 hours of classroom instruction
  • 3 hour night photography field trip
  • Weekend classes include a hot lunch or dinner
  • Certificate of completion
  • Small group size, limited to 12 participants

Prerequisites for our Night Photography Class

Equipment Required for our Night Photography Class

  • Camera which allows manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings
  • A tripod capable of supporting the weight of your camera equipment for extended periods of time
  • A cable release or wireless shutter release

Class Location


  • $275 Canadian Dollars (plus tax).
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More Information

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Please read above and if the class you are interested in sold out, please click here to add your name to the wait list