Macro Photography Testimonials

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Macro PhotographyI have dabbled in Macro photography with my camera's but after this course I now understand and am much more comfortable with this mode of photography. The Burwell School of Photography instructor (Sandy Weatherall) was very knowledgeable and presented the material in a very interactive manner interspersing lecture/questions with active skill stations. She let us explore our creative styles and assisted us with problem solving to obtain the photographs we were attempting to capture. I am planning on completing a diploma track through Burwell and look forward to other courses with Ms. Weatherall. Thank You,
4/10/2018 6:22 AM
Macro Photography ClassThis course brings out your creative side. Not only will you learn about Macro photography, but the hands on approach/practice you do in class will give you experience and confidence to continue with Macro photography. <<===>> Daniela B.
Macro Photography ClassNote sure if this will help, but this may help. Prior to the course (macro) I though I new the concept, after the course I still have only touched the surface, but the course has given me the knowledge and access to the photo resources that I now have a new hobby within a hobby. Plus I have gained the confidence to apply the concepts using both traditional and creative approaches. <<===>> Leon M.
Macro Photography ClassAs a tactile learner, the combination of macro & photographic theory combined with the hands on stations really challenged my creativity and expanded my macro skills way more then I expected. <<===>> Laura M.
Macro Photography ClassI have attended several courses at other venues, and this by far was the best. We were able to put into practice immediately, and get feedback...immediately about what was good, and what was not so good. The pace was perfect and the instructor extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend The Burwell School of Photography highly, and will be taking more courses through them. <<===>> Dave R.
Macro Photography ClassI have attended several classes at the Burwell School at this location and every time I have come away with a good feeling. The instructors are approachable and knowledgeable in a setting that is casual yet disciplined. My knowledge about photography has increased to the point that the confidence is there to put into practice what I have learned. The ratio of lucky shots from the past has gone down greatly and has now been replaced with good shots based on technique and know how. I highly recommend these classes to everyone that likes to increase their knowledge about photography. <<===>> Peter S.
Macro Photography ClassPaul is very knowledgeable on any photography topic and all technology related to it. He was patient throughout the course as we asked lots of questions and wouldn't move on until it was answered. He kept it interesting by demonstrations and adding his dry humour. The second day was all our photography and the challenges he presented were both interesting and fun. Reviewing everyone's photos was great and Paul was encouraging and positive throughout. Overall an excellent instructor and topic and one of the best photography courses I have taken. I will definitely be taking more courses from BSOP. <<===>> Bob D.
Macro Photography ClassThis workshop was, for me, one of the most practical experiences I have had in the many classes I have taken to hone my photographic skills. The theoretical aspects of macro photography were well-explained beforehand, followed by the full-day opportunity to put this learning into practice. Of particular value was the ongoing chance to share our attempts and receive honest critical appraisal of the positives and negatives of each image. I appreciated Paul's understanding that class members were all at different points on the continuum of learning, as well as his ability to make concepts clearer through demonstration and guidance. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for another BSOP course!!<<===>>Colleen S.