List of Photography Classes and Workshops at the BSOP

Recommended Class Work Flow

If you are interested in completing one of our Diplomas in either Wedding, Portrait or Nature Photography,  please visit our class work flow page for an illustration of the recommended class work flow.

List of Photography Classes and Workshops at the BSOP

We offer a variety of photography classes and workshops at the Burwell School of Photography.  Although students are free to take any course they choose, students with less experience might want to attend the core level classes first.

Our classes consistently receive rave reviews and often sell out.  Click here to read some student testimonials.

To read more about the details of a particular course, please look through the following list of photography classes and workshops at the BSOP and click on one of the links below.

 Course NameCost (plus GST)More Information & Class Dates
Core ClassesDigital Photography for Beginners$165Click Here
Digital Camera Fundamentals$250Click Here
Photographic Composition$225Click Here
Software ClassesLightroom CC for Photographers$325Click Here
Photoshop CC for Lightroom CC Users$325Click Here
Elective ClassesArchitecture Photography$300Click Here
Available Light Portrait Photography$275Click Here
Fashion & Glamour Photography$325Click Here
Food Photography$300Click here
Beyond Snapshots - The Art of Landscape Photography$275Click Here
Macro Photography$300Click Here
Newborn 1 Day Workshop$800Click Here
Maternity Portrait Photography 1 Day Workshop$650Click Here
Night Photography$275Click Here
Off Camera Flash$325Click Here
Pet Photography$275Click Here
Portrait Photography$275Click Here
Portrait Photography 4-Day Workshop$650Click here
Posing for Families and Children$325Click here
Street Photography$175Click Here
Studio Lighting$300Click Here
Travel Photography$250Click Here
Wedding Photography$350Click Here
Wildlife Photography$275Click Here