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The most complete, hands-on video training class on Lightroom available!

Lightroom by Example

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Erin Mather

I have taken other online classes and this has by far been the easiest to use, learn, and retain info from. The best part of this course was to see what you did the same and different from the practice images. I have taken what I learned in this class and applied it to my own photography - I have been so happy with the results!
—Erin Mather

Lightroom by Example includes over 16 hours of video lessons, high resolution images, and a downloadable, 200 page handbook. Learn the complete Lightroom program and start editing photos immediately with our practice and review lessons! Whether you’re an absolute beginner who doesn’t own Lightroom yet or you’re an intermediate user who wants to learn some tips, we guarantee you’ll manage your photos like a pro after taking our class!

Darlene Crawford

I felt unstoppable after completing the course! I am going to be setting up my catalogues, folders, and editing all of the digital pictures I have never done before!!!!!
—Darlene Crawford


What You Get with Lightroom by Example

  • Over 13.5 hours of instructional videos and over 2.5 hours of practice image exercises—more than any other online course

  • Downloadable, 200 page step-by-step handbook—use it with the class and as a reference when you’re done

  • Over 100 online, easy to follow, step-by-step lessons that cover every feature of Lightroom

  • Lots and lots of hands-on practice—quickly master new skills by working right alongside us on gigabytes of downloadable images from a wide variety of genres: landscapes, people, wildlife, portraits, nature, still life, you name it, we have it for you to practice on

  • Downloadable keyboard shortcut list—we give you the ones you’ll use the most

  • Practice exercises where you edit images we provide, then you watch videos to see how we edit the same image (our students have repeatedly told us this is one of their favorite parts of the class!)

  • Consistent references for both PC and Mac users

  • Optional quizzes where you can check your learning progress

  • The freedom to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home—the class is entirely self-paced. Take a week or a year to complete it, it’s up to you!

  • Access to the class whenever you want with no monthly subscription fees. The class doesn’t expire!

  • A certificate of completion when you’re done

  • Security knowing this class is compatible with all versions of Lightroom. From Version 4 to CC, we’ve got you covered

  • The most current Lightroom updates. Whenever Adobe adds a new feature to Lightroom, we’ll add a lesson on it! (For example, Lightroom by Example includes lessons on the most recent Lightroom updates such as Dehazing)

I won a year's subscription to a popular online subscription class last December and I've watched a lot of their 60 to 90 minute videos. I prefer the way you describe every component. Many of my friends have noticed the difference on my images.
—Don Durand

What You’ll Learn with Lightroom by Example

You’ll become skilled at the entire Lightroom program, from start to finish. You’ll learn:

  • How to navigate around Lightroom and our tips for making this as easy as possible

  • How to import, store, organize and export your photos

  • How to sort your good photos from the bad ones

  • How to find your photos in seconds and name and keyword them

  • How to organize your photos into a variety of collections and have Lightroom organize them for you!

  • How to use and understand the Catalog system so you never lose another photo again—this trick alone can save you hours of frustration and lots of money

Jamie de Weever

I've started importing all my own pictures into my own catalogue and organising and editing and tagging... It's fantastic fun! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their photography to a more polished level.
—Jamie de Weever

But that’s only a start. You’ll learn skills to sculpt your photographs to make them look the way YOU want.  You’ll be confident with Lightroom’s editing features and know how to use them well. You’ll learn about and have LOTS of practice with:

  • Cropping and straightening photos

  • Making virtual copies

  • Lens profile corrections

  • White balance

  • Basic adjustment sliders

  • Setting white and black points

  • Tone curves

  • Dehazing

  • Hue, saturation and luminance (HSL)

  • Noise reduction

  • Sharpening

  • Making develop presets

  • Making local changes with the adjustment brush

  • Selective color conversions

  • Radial and graduated filters

  • Spot removal

  • Red eye and pet eye correction

  • Black and white conversions

  • Split toning

  • Panorama and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Conversions

  • Lens Corrections

Victor Martin Sr.

I would highly recommend this class... It is very easy to follow and understand. Now after the class, I understand that a very small adjustment with each needed slider for the effect to create my vision can have major enhancements on how the photo looks when I am done.
—Victor Martin Sr.

You’ll also learn the ins and outs of:

  • Tagging friends and family to find them again in a snap

  • Exporting photos for emails, posting online or publishing anywhere

  • Geotagging your images

  • Managing and editing videos

  • Creating cutting-edge slide shows with music

  • Designing stunning coffee table books with custom layouts

  • Making professional looking prints such as fine art layouts, backscreened prints, contact sheets and more!

You May Be Wondering…

  • If you need this class

  • About Lightroom and not sure where to start

  • How to find those missing Lightroom images

  • Why your photographs don’t look the way you think they should

  • How to get others to admire your photos and maybe even pay for them

No matter what your starting point, Lightroom by Example will improve your photographs and your ability to manage them—we guarantee it!

Elizabeth Force

Before taking Lightroom by Example I had no idea how to use the program. I absolutely loved the course and I have learned so much. The videos were very informative and the workbook is a great reference tool to use when editing my own photos. I would highly recommend Lightroom by Example.
—Elizabeth Force

Meet Your Instructor

  • Your instructor, Paul Burwell, is a professional, award winning photographer and educator. He’s taught Lightroom to hundreds of students in person and knows what YOU need to know and what you’re most likely to struggle with. He’ll help you prevent bad habits from the start and he’ll have you using Lightroom like a pro in no time! Paul regularly receives rave reviews from his students for his clear, down to earth and knowledgeable teaching style.
Paul Burwell

Why You Should Learn From Us:

  • We’re not just an online photography school-we’re a brick and mortar photography school. The Burwell School of Photography has been in existence since 2007, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  We teach a wide variety of classes to photographers at all levels. You can see our website here. We regularly sell out our classes to rave reviews

  • All our classes including Lightroom by Example, are taught in a hands-on manner. We believe you should have the chance to practice your new skills and receive feedback before the class is over

John Wheelwright

This is an excellent course that gives good guidance on each part of Adobe Lightroom. The lessons are clearly laid out and having examples to practice on with each lesson makes this course an easy one to recommend.
—John Wheelwright

Don’t own Lightroom yet and wondering where to start? No problem! We’ll tell you in the class which version we recommend and why. You can start today, even if you don’t have Lightroom!

Amazing Value!

The in-class version of this class costs over $250 dollars making Lightroom by Example a great deal at $125.

Hiring a Lightroom tutor for 16 hours of one-on-one lessons could cost over $960. Get your money's worth with Lightroom by Example for only $125.


Lightroom by Example

Learn Lightroom on your own time. Click the button to start NOW!

On Sale for a limited time!  Act now so you don't miss out.

If this class doesn’t help you learn Lightroom, we’ll give you a full refund!


How long can I access Lightroom by Example?

Once you purchase the class you have access to it indefinitely. You can return to it as a reference at any time in the future and watch the lessons as many times as you need to. Whenever Adobe updates Lightroom, we’ll update the class!

What’s the difference between Lightroom by Example and other online Lightroom classes?

Once you purchase Lightroom by Example you’ll have access indefinitely. You don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees and you can take as long as you like to complete the class. Lightroom by Example includes the ENTIRE Lightroom program in one place. If you don’t want to learn something, you can simply skip that lesson (although we don’t recommend it). Compared to other online Lightroom classes, we give you the most class time by far, with over 13.5 hours of video teaching PLUS over 2.5 hours of Practice Image review videos. We also include many images for you to practice and review on, so you’ll have A LOT of hands-on practice.  Lightroom by Example is the most complete, all-in-one online class on Lightroom available.

Can I download the videos?

The videos cannot be downloaded. All the video lessons are streamed online as you watch them. However, the 200 page Handbook and all the practice images can be downloaded for your personal use.

How current is Lightroom by Example? Does it include all the latest Lightroom versions and updates?

Lightroom by Example includes the latest Lightroom updates and will be updated each time Adobe updates Lightroom. Lightroom by Example includes all of Lightroom’s newest features including instructions on fun tools such as Dehazing. 

I don’t own Lightroom and I’m a total beginner. Can I still take this class?

Yes! Our class is for all levels of users, including absolute beginners. Our instructions are all step-by-step and easy to follow. It’s not a problem if you don’t have Lightroom yet! We tell you in the class which version we recommend getting and why.

I know a lot about Lightroom. Will this class bore me?

We don’t think so! Students who are intermediate to advanced Lightroom users have told us that they still benefitted from the class. We give LOTS of tips throughout and many students say their favorite part of the class is watching the reviews of how we edit the practice images. If you’re ready for more practice check out our Practice Packs available on our website. For a small price you’ll receive images to practice on, from a wide variety of genres, and when you’re done you can see how we’d edit them.

How does the practice work? Do I send it in and does it get marked?

Lightroom by Example teaches you in a hands-on-manner. We provide you many photos to download into your Lightroom program at the beginning of the class (and if you don’t know how to do this don’t worry -we tell you how to do it step-by-step). In the editing lessons we demonstrate and explain a specific step in editing an image. For example, in one lesson we teach the Adjustment Brush and demonstrate using it on an image. During the lesson you can work right alongside us on the same image because you have it downloaded into your program. You can pause and review as many times as you need to, to get the technique mastered.

At the end of the lesson we’ll ask you to try the same editing technique (i.e. the Adjustment Brush) on another image we’ve provided you. You can then take the time to practice on the image. When you’ve finished practicing, you watch the video review lesson, where we show you how we edit the exact same image.

You don’t send the images in and the only person assessing them is yourself. Editing images is very subjective and there are no right and wrong ways to do it…. However, watching how someone else does it has repeatedly proven to be students’ favorite part of the class. We think you’ll love it too!

In many lessons or after more complex editing techniques we’ll have multiple practice and review examples. We also have ‘pulling it all together’ lessons where you practice multiple editing techniques on one image and then review.

What if I have a technical problem like I lose my password or can’t access the class. What do I do?

We include a Troubleshooting lesson in the class. Passwords are easily reset via our login page. If you still are having issues you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Do I print out the Handbook or can I use it online?

Many students like to print a copy of the handbook and have it next to them as they work on the class. The handbook is also a handy reference for when you’re finished the class. Many students read the handbook online too and then just minimize it when they work on Lightroom. You can also choose to read the Handbook on a tablet like an iPad. We talk about how to set yourself up in one of the first lessons of Lightroom by Example.

Can I take the class on a mobile phone or tablet like an iPad?

Many students watch the videos on a tablet while using their Lightroom program on their main computer. It’s up to you and we talk about how to set yourself up in one of our first lessons of Lightroom by Example. Using a mobile phone to take the class likely won’t work very well because the display is too small.

Can I ask questions about the class content?

Once you purchase Lightroom by Example you’ll receive instant access to the Lightroom by Example online Forum. Students are welcome to ask questions about Lightroom on the Forum. We’re also on the Forum and will help out any way we can! Your access to the Forum doesn’t expire when you’re done the class so you can continue using it as long as you like!

Is Adobe’s Lightroom program included in the class?

Adobe’s Lightroom is not included with this class. However, you can start the class even if you don’t have it yet. We’ll tell you which version to get and why.

Do I need any special computer equipment or internet speed to take this class?

Lightroom by Example is compatible with the vast majority of devices that can access the Internet, including most tablets, PC Windows and Macintosh computers. Any high-speed internet connection will work. Slower internet connections may find the videos lagging a bit, but most of the time this is from other users in the home or workplace using the connection too. For example, a student found her videos were freezing at times but realized her computer was doing a backup of another program at the same time. She went online at a different time and the problem was solved. We talk about streaming issues and download times in the class.

I have Lightroom 4 or 5. Can I still take this class?

Yes! Lightroom by Example is compatible with all versions of Lightroom. Keep in mind that you won’t have access to all of Lightroom’s latest features such as Dehazing and Facetagging. We tell you in the lessons if your Lightroom version doesn’t include a specific feature.

How do I buy Lightroom by Example as a gift?

Lightroom by Example makes a great gift! To buy it for someone special please contact us by phone or email. If we’re not there, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help you out.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.