Wildlife Photography Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI received this course as a gift from my husband for Christmas. To be honest I hadn't done much research on photogrpahy classes, but the little I had done took me to the bigger learning facilites in the city which was intimidating and not at all what I was interested in. After mentioning to other photographer friends that I was going to be attending classes at Burwell, the response I received was VERY positive and I was told that I would not be disappointed. This class I took was amazing and my friends were in fact right, I was not disappointed. Chris is warm and friendly and his passion for photography shows in his teaching. I am now signed up to take the Wildlife photography class in June which I am super excited about. I am sure I will be signing up for every class I can with Burwell.
1/24/2018 9:21 AM
Wildlife Photography ClassPhotography enthusiasts in the Edmonton area are very fortunate to have access to Paul Burwell’s School of Photography. Paul shares not only his knowledge and skill as a professional photographer but also his passion for maintaining the habitat in which there is wildlife to photograph. <<==>> Stuart M.
Wildlife Photography ClassThe Wildlife Intensive Weekend was an excellent investment of my time and my money. I brought back an album of wildlife photos that I never even dreamed of being able to shoot. A couple of things that I particularly enjoyed were the presentation on the equipment that Paul uses to capture his amazing images and his practicle approach to aquiring the gear. The presentation on the techniques used to get the images was especially helpful…. it puts getting high quality images within my reach now. The critique on the photos we took was really helpful because it was totally constructive and informative… didn’t feel critized but instructed on where to make small adjustment to improve the overall images. <<==>> Ray R
Wildlife Photography ClassYour knowledge of workflow and processing software is the best I have ever seen from an instructor. I could spend much more time at a workshop learning from your instruction. <<==>> MH
Wildlife Photography ClassBefore I took Paul’s “Wildlife Intensive Weekend Workshop” I had a very hard time taking photos of wildlife and felt it was next to impossible for me. I love wildlife and always admired the photographers who took breath taking wildlife photos. Paul, in his workshop gave me the knowledge, guidence and field trip experience. The rest was up to my imagination and creativity. In a totally unrelated photography course, I submitted one of my photos from Paul’s workshop as a homework assigment due the same weekend as Paul’s workshop. Comments were made from students that I could sell the photo with extremely positive comments from the instructor. <<==>> Irenva V.
Wildlife Photography ClassI found Paul’s Wildlife Tips, Tricks & Techniques intensive Workshop to provide some good insight into getting better wildlife shots and a nice ‘behind the scenes’ look on how professional photos are made. The course was accessible enough in price and content that most anyone could attend and have fun. I found Paul Burwell to be accessible, humble and professional. Most low priced courses are just a big advertisement for an instructor’s expensive courses, but this course had real content and very little upselling. Also most intro courses are all classroom and no fieldwork, but Paul’s course had two distinctly different shoots in the field. For the price, this course was great.<<==>>Tony W.
Wildlife Photography ClassPaul puts on a wonderful workshop-he is very knowlegable about Wildlife Photography, the natural history of the animals he photos, is concise, patient, thorough. Paul clearly outlines a “road map” for each and every student on how to attain great wildlife pictures! This includes equipment selection, attaining proper exposure, composition, evaluation of the photos and enhancing the photos on the computer. Now I am planning on taking Lightroom through Paul so I can continue to learn more!! <<==>> Jim
Wildlife Photography ClassThank you Paul for a wonderful workshop experience. The information that you provided was presented in an applicable, relevant manner. You were focused on your students and their needs. I have felt that my photography has taken a boost not only technically but in a practical way too. I am glad that I have not invested a lot of money into equipment (yet!) as your helpful advice will allow me to make more informed decisions as I move into a more advanced SLR system of camera and lenses. I had a lot of fun in the class and in the field. What a wonderful opportunity to take the skills learnt and immediately apply them in the field. The added bonus was having you critique them too. You will certainly see me sitting in a class or on a trip you lead in the future. <<==>> Cathy H