Creative Photography Fundamentals Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassI just completed the Photography Fundamental Class at the Burwell School of Photography. It was an excellent course and Paul’s teaching style is superb! My photography skills improved greatly over the 2 week period and I look forward to putting my new skills to practice. I travelled from Scottsdale, AZ to take this course and it was worth every cent. I look forward to attending more classes at the Burwell Photography School. ===> Michelle C.
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassI recently attended the Photography Fundamentals class and would rate it a 10 out of 10. The structure of the class allowed for lots of hands on practice. I found the critique of my photos (as well as those of my fellow classmates) to be the most helpful for my learning curve and the improvement was evident. Can’t wait for the next class!
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassI had been photographing animals over the past few years, and had found that I’d reached a level where I was wondering if I was getting the best results, as I have learned about most of the technical aspects of photographing them through experimenting, as opposed to studying them. This course seemed to touch upon the specific practical questions that I’d had in mind recently, and therefore, the timing of it, for me, was perfect. I found that the class served to inform me of a few things that I did not know about composition, and also, confirmed that obtaining the right settings for the conditions is not that difficult; both can make the difference between a good photo, and a striking photo. The small class size makes the instructor very accessible, the students were friendly, and it really was a great experience all around. <<==>> Tracy P.
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassA non threatening, very friendly atmosphere were learning comes easily. Lots of assignments to practise the methods taught at the course. <<===>> Leif B.
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassThis is my third course with the Burwell School of Photography, my second with Paul. I is a fantastic teacher and I recommend his school over any course out there. Thanks Paul. <<===>> Lorrie C.
Creative Photography FundamentalsI took my first Burwell class (Photography Fundamentals) with Paul this past weekend and I was very satisfied with the dynamic of the class, the sharing of knowledge and the beautiful place. I am going back to another class in November and hopefully will continue afterwards. I am already recommending the school!! <<===>> Marisela O.
Creative Photography FundamentalsWe all enjoy taking photographs. We all want to take better photographs and receive the praise of our peers. This class uses building blocks of information, in a practical application atmosphere, to really advance your understanding of what makes a "great photograph." With Paul Burwell's approach to learning, without a doubt, you'll leave this particular class, a much better photographer for having taken it. <<===>> Robert S.
Creative Photography FundamentalsThis course was excellent for me. Although I have been 'taking photos' for about 35 years, I, like many others, fell into the trap of the 'P' mode (automatic) when digital SLRs became mainstream. Click-click-click-click! Paul brought me back to the 'good old days' of thinking about what you are doing! (composition, exposure paramets etc), and I'm certainly glad to be back. When time permits, I will attend more courses as I do feel they offer excellent value. <<===>> Bruno L.
Creative Photography FundamentalsAnother incredible class. Well worth the time and money. Learned lots now to get out and practice. <<===>> Beth M.
Creative Photography Fundamentals ClassA class where you start to think outside of the box and your creativity just keeps flowing. Excellent class <<===>> Daniela B.