Lightroom for Photographers Testimonials

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Lightroom ClassI have taken a few classes at Grant MacEwan College on photography and was not very impressed. I thought that because I was in a college setting that I would learn the most there is to learn and get the most for my dollar but I was very wrong. I took a basics class on my new DSLR Camera and found that I was more confused than when I first walked into the class. I feel that there was too much theory and not enough practicality. I then spoke to an individual about taking a course on Lightroom and she highly recommended Paul Burwell at the Burwell School of Photography and said that I would really enjoy his teaching methods and would learn a lot about the software. Paul is very patient and explains things very well. He is very thorough and teaches you step by step on how to do something. We looked at the notes he provided us but also took down a bunch of notes throughout the class and practiced each and every step that there was to learn. I highly recommend this class for people who want to learn Lightroom and I highly recommend taking any classes on photography or any software with Paul Burwell. I will definitely be taking more classes with him in the very near future! ===> Lenda S.
Lightroom ClassI came to the course with a list of things I wanted to learn over the weekend, by Sunday morning the list was checked off and I was learning things I didn’t even know enough about to formulate a question. Paul Burwell has a very clean clear way of teaching. He uses the “I’ll show you then you do it yourself” method that ensures every student actually performs the lesson on their own computer. His knowledge of the subject matter is remarkable and he will approach the subject from whichever direction it takes to get the point across. I’m stoked and ready to “Lightroom my world”. I got my monies worth by 10:00 Sunday morning. ===> Ray R.
Lightroom ClassPaul was a very knowledgable instructor who was always willing to help and assist his students. His knowledge of the subject was excellent and obviously enjoys photography. ===> David A.
Lightroom ClassPaul made sure this workshop was very laid back, yet very informative and thorough. I was a bit intimidated by the “bootcamp” part of the course name, but Paul is a great instructor and made learning the program easy. I highly recommend this workshop. <<==>>Shaeleen B.
Lightroom ClassThis is the second of many workshops I will be attending, put on by the Burwell School of Photography. These workshops are far superior to any book oe online tutorial that is available today….In My Humble Opinion!!! All questions are answered in such a manner that all will learn something from the response. The atmosphere is great and the material presented is second to none!! I would strongly recommend any and all workshops offered are a must attend, everyone from basic beginner to advanced pro everyone will come away with new and exciting knowledge.<<==>> Pat W.
Lightroom ClassI attended the Paul Burwell LightRoom 3 boot camp. I would highly recommend this course or any other that Paul teaches. His knowledge and teaching skills are fantastic. The class was well organized, easy to follow, and full of great info you would not find in a book. I have taken many other courses and Paul’s was definitely the best I have ever attended. I received excellent value for my funds spent on the course. I will definetely sign up for another. (Thanks Paul) <<==>> Darren M.
Lightroom ClassI attended the Adobe Lightroom 3 Intensive workshop held recently at the Ramada Inn, Edmonton. The workshop was a wise investment, it gave me a real jump start into using the software. I had not used the program before attending the workshop, and experienced Paul to be a great instructor, he utilized the meaning of Intensive… covering a great of information in two days. That couldn’t be done without knowing the software as well as Paul did. I highly recommend if you are upgrading or starting fresh you won’t be disappointed by either time or money that you invest in the workshop. <<==>> Kim Taylor Fine Art Photography Bragg Creek, AB
Lightroom ClassI had been struggling with Lightroom 3 for some time and was becoming more and more frustrated with it (I must admit I’m not a computer wiz). After viewing a few on line tutorials which were very good I became lost very quickly. I had succumb to the idea that indeed my computers, software and cameras were indeed smarter than I. My wife recognizing my frustration and out of the blue said here is a course you should attend…..and it’s in Edmonton!!! I looked at the advertisement and recognized Paul Burwell’s name immediately. Knowing a bit about his photography style and the courses he has offered through his school (Burwell School of Photography) not to mention his reputation within the photography world I registered for the Lightroom Intensive Weekend Workshop. Being a little sceptical on my abilities on the computer and past outcomes with Lightroom I was very pleased find the class size small which afforded all questions to be answered not only too my satisfaction but too the entire classes satisfaction as well. I found his teaching method easy to follow and Paul was a Veritable Gold Mine of information. I have not learned so much in a short period of time as I did on this course. I would recommend this course or any other courses offered by Paul Burwell, and simply say they are a must take and well worth the time!!
Lightroom ClassSince I am not the most computor literate guy in town, I felt the demo of lightroom was much to confusing and that I would be better off with simpler programs. Upon completion of this program I realize the power and capabilities of Lightroom. Even if I just take advantage of the sorting and simpler editing I will be much better of long term, and it can be fast with a little practice. Paul puts it in terms for all to use. <<==>> Rob
Lightroom ClassGreat value for your money. Can't beat the hands on and visual how too's compared to trying from the book alone! <<==>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassThis course was an excellent course, very well designed and well organized. The process of working through the modules was clear and easy to follow. For someone who has tried to self teach from video's it is a great relief to finally "get it". Paul's in depth knowledge coupled with a dry sense of humour made for a great learning experience. An added bonus is the resource materials, exercises and follow-up provided afterwords. <<==>> Katherine
Lightroom ClassExcellent course Paul. The pace of the course was perfect and you were able to answer everyone's questions. Appreciated the fact that the course always started on time as well. Nice location to hold the workshop. <<==>> Vangi
Lightroom ClassIf you use a camera and want to manage your pictures, this is the course to take. Lightroom beats every other program I have used in the overall ease of use and functionality. Paul makes it easy to learn. The pace of the class is perfect, managing a balance between beginners and those with experience. It is more than a simple how to. He injects his experience, humour and helpful tips. Very good value for the money. I'm already looking at what to sign up for next. <<==>> Beth
Lightroom ClassDarlene really knows her Lightroom stuff! She is like a human encyclopedia on everything Lightroom and she is so good at conveying the information. <<===>> Sandra G.
Lightroom ClassBecause the classes are smaller the instructors seem much more available to help the students on an individual basis. Also supplying a manual for the material is unique and not always practiced in schools like NAIT. <<===>> Karen B.
Lightroom ClassWhat I learned in two days in this workshop would have taken me weeks to figure out on my own! <<===>> Andrea F.
Lightroom ClassLightroom is an amazing tool for photographers and Darlene Hildebrandt made it even more amazing. She has an excellent teaching style - never leaving anyone behind. She is knowledgeable and a fun instructor. I'd take any class Darlene teaches! <<===>> Wendy C.
Lightroom ClassI look forward to more courses from Burwell School of Photography. I especially liked Darlene Hildebrandt as an approachable and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you. <<===>> Bob S.
Lightroom ClassI found this workshop extremely helpful in explaining how Lightroom 4 works and the many ways in which it can be used when working with photographs. The step by step, hands on approach is an excellent way to learn, understand and remember so much new information and is a lot of fun as well. This course opened up all sorts of new possibilities for me. <<===>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassI learned more in two days with Paul than I did in three months of trying to figure it out on my own; I feel extremely confident in my new skills and would highly recommend this class to anyone! <<===>> Trina S.
Lightroom ClassI appreciated how each step, even the minutest of finding what icon or menu to click on the screen, whether to right or left click something and explaining keyboard shortcuts to simplify the process were all explained so that nothing was left to assumption of previous knowledge of the student. Everyone was able to keep up. <<===>> Chantal C.
Lightroom ClassI felt like I should have a "that was easy" button. Each topic was covered succinctly & clearly followed by time to practice. I was switching over from Aperture and was daunted and to be honest a little overwhelmed at the prospect of learning Lightroom yet all day I kept thinking, well that was easy. I was amazed at how quickly we covered the vast amount of material that is in the Scott Kelby book. Thanks Paul. <<===>> Karen A.
Lightroom ClassBest class I have taken. I learned so much in just two days. <<===>> Anonymous
Lightroom ClassThis course was great, very overwhelming of how much information there is in this program. Paul is great, patient and very knowledgeable! I'd recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn about Lightroom! Cheers! <<===>> Judy C.
Lightroom ClassThe pace of the course was excellent. And the growth curve for me was exponential. Learning the basics of Lightroom along with some wonderful "short cut" tricks was awesome. The class size was right, and it gave the instructor time to walk around as we worked on exercises, Much faster than learning from a book on your own. I feel most confident that I can touch up my photos to have a wow effect. <<===>> Bill A.
Lightroom ClassI attended the Lightroom 5 workshop. I enjoyed every second of it. Paul is very approachable and willing to help you with whatever question you have. I email this poor man all the time with questions regarding Lightroom and other aspects of working toward my diploma and he has ALWAYS responded. Thank you Paul !!<<==Melanie L.==>>