Digital Camera Fundamentals Testimonials

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Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassSince I received my camera as a gift I was almost too intimidated to use it, especially taking it off the automatic settings. I really enjoyed Paul's straightforwardness and sense of humor to help relieve any apprehension I felt using all the features on my camera. For that I thank you Paul. For the first time I truly understand Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, and much much more. I was so excited to discovery more about photography that I rushed home that first night of classes and registered for my next class! I would highly recommend this class. Take the first step and register - you won't be sorry that you did it! ===> Diane D.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI returned to SLR photography this year for the first time since my last film camera in the 1990?s. I loved what the DSLR could do but was baffled by all of the options – it was difficult to find a starting point which would let me grasp what would happen if I took the camera off automatic. In two days Paul Burwell gave me the grounding I needed to really make use of my DSLR, taking me through the maze of buttons and settings, explaining how to use them and what impact they would have on my images. I cannot think of another two day period in which I mastered so many skills that I will find useful. I would definitely recommend this course and am looking forward to taking other courses from the Burwell School of Photography. ===> Chris H.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWhen you are looking for a camera or photography class and you are doing all the research; looking up all the testimonials and course options and costs and times and class sizes and requirements, you are still essentially playing Russian Roulette. You really have no idea if the course provider edits their feedback or if they are any good at what they do, or if what it says it offers is what you’ll get. You have to take a bit of a blind leap if you have no one to personally recommend a class to you. I can only be grateful that my blind leap led me to Paul and the BSOP!! I hunted and searched and weighed all my options and Paul’s BSOP Digital Camera Fundamentals class seemed to be closest to what I was looking for, and was I ever blown out of the water by how much more it really was than I even dreamed it would be. He is an amazing teacher, he is kind and friendly and personable. He is knowledgeable about all the technical workings of the camera, and by looking at his work, you can see that he is highly skilled in the art of it as well. I will be taking any further training through his courses and I would recommend to anyone looking to take a class, from beginners all the way to professionals, to look at taking them with Paul and the BSOP. He is a genius at what he does, but still never makes you feel stupid while showing you what you need to do. ===> Melissa S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI learned more in 12 hours with Paul and the BSOP than I did in two full courses At NAIT. If you want to learn, then Paul should be your teacher. ===> Mark B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWhat a great weekend spent at the Burwell School of Photography. Walking in on Saturday with a new DSLR camera, that I knew very little about and leaving on Sunday afternoon with the ability and confidence to use the camera in manual mode, making custom adjustments etc. was a very uplifting experience. Paul is an excellent instructor, and his approach to teaching this class made it very easy for even the beginner to leave feeling more confident. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and I am looking forward to attending next weeks class on Photography Fundamantals.===> Michele C.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI can only comment on the course I took from Paul, but I’m sure that his other courses are excellent as well. I have take courses from other instructors and never got much out of the course. With Paul and a smaller class size(12) it made it a lot better as he doesn’t move on to the next part until he is sure everyone has it. If you’re lost or can’t find it (a feature) on your camera it is no problem as he will show you over and over if that is what it takes. Best course ever best instructor ever. Have a question after the course is done email Paul on anything he will answer it. Take the the course from Paul well worth the money and a nice feeling when you leave knowing you will take great pictures. <<==>>Danny S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassIf you are wondering what all those buttons on your camera are all about, don’t miss the opportunity to spend two days with Paul. I fell into a love for photography (as opposed to taking pictures) quite by accident when I won my DSLR camera. Unlike most photographers who have moved from film photography to digital photography, I had absolutely no knowledge or aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. and when I started reading my camera manual, it was like reading a foreign language. So I started using my DSLR camera in its auto mode and the built in “scene” modes, with great success (I think). But then I became frustrated with not knowing how to use the camera. Paul’s 2-day bootcamp has given me a whole new outlook on my camera … I now understand how it works and how to make it work for me. Thanks Paul. I look forward to attending more workshops and to continue growing as a photographer. <<==>>Jocelyne
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassMr. Burwell’s patience, clarity and presentation was very helpful and encouraging. Any questions – regardless of the person’s experience or knowledge – was answered with warmth, humour and easy to follow terms. His level of professionalism is outstanding. I’m a big fan of Paul Burwell – both his photography and teaching style. I look forward to future courses with Mr. Burwell!! <<==>> Stacey S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI went into this course not knowing anything about the use or functions of a DSLR camera, when I came out I was alot more confident in my ability to take better pictures and better understanding of how this type of camera works. Paul is very knowledgeable in this area, and I wouldn’t hesitate to partake in another workshop offered by him. <<==>>Jordan G.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis was an excellent, open, warm engaging couple of days where my time and money were very well spent. I would highly recommend Paul’s class to anyone wanting to learn how to better use their DSLR camera. Paul is definitely your man. His patience is infinite, as is his knowledge. His ability to explain what you need to know in the simplest of terms with the best examples is extraordinary. Thank you, Paul!<<==>> Valerie
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe DSLR Fundamentals workshop was an excellent source of information. Paul’s knowledge is incredible!! I will not hestitate to sign up for another session or recommend his school to anyone!! <<==>> Trish S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have taken a couple of Introduction photography classes years ago at various places. This was by far superior. Paul is extremely knowledgable, approachable, patient, and very willing to share his experience and skills. I have since contacted Paul and he has continued to offer great advice. I will definitely take more classes from Burwell School of Photography. <<==>> Tamara
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWell worth the money and my time! I learned so much so quickly and Paul has a way of explaining technical stuff so that it isn't so scary! Will definitely recommend and take more classes myself. Delicious meals as well, nice little extra surprise <<==>> Tina
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis was a wonderful way to learn about my camera. I will no longer be approaching photography as hit and miss. The class environment was amazing - a comfortable, casual way to learn. Paul is a great instructor. I will be attending other courses at the Burwell School of Photography. <<==>> Sharon
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis class was exactly what I was looking for. I feel confident that I understand the fundamentals of my camera. It is now up to me to practice practice practice. Paul was very approachable and ensured each student understood what he was talking about. I'm already looking at what class to take next! <<==>> Deanna
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis class was a real head turner! The manufacturer provides a user manual, but no one to interpret the application of the statements therein. This class opened the door to a more pleasurable photographic experience. The class is true value for dollar spent. <<==>> RJS
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassFor me, this class was a breath of fresh air! The first hour alone delivered a number of aha moments. While I still have a long way to go, I feel more confident and will certainly be practicing (and practicing and practicing) in manual mode to hone the skills I have learnt this past weekend. I am already thinking about another course with Paul down the road! <<==>> Lorie
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPhotography is my current passion - since the birth of my daughter. My desire to record my child's life moments has led to the dream of becoming a newborn/child/family help others capture their special memories. This class has given me a big step in the right direction. I look forward to growing my knowlege and opportunities through more classes at Burwell! <<==>> Kirsten
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI found the class to be fantastic. Great atmosphere, lots of interesting material, nice class sizes, lots of hands on time, evenly paced and all of my questions were answered in a fashion that I fully understood what I needed to know. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, I plan to take more classes myself! <<==>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI now feel like I have an understanding of the settings on my camera and will use it so much more effectively to take the kind of photos I envision. The class room experience and hands on activities, as well as the homework combined to help me gain confidence in using my camera outside of automatic mode. I came away from this class inspired and excited to experiment! <<==>> Catherine P.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have been using my camera for YEARS and have taken a couple of beginner classes throughout that time. This is the first time I have gone home and felt like I was intelligently using the settings on my camera. Before this class, I was almost at the point where it was a frustration to pick up my camera. Now, I cannot wait to get home from work to practice what I have learned and play with the settings...and I cannot wait to sign up for another course at BSOP! <<===>> Nicole T.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have already recommended the class to a couple of my friends who have talked about taking a class. It was fabulous and I'm so glad I chose this school over the rest on the net. I have owned my Canon for 5 years and I learned more about it in the first hour of the class than I have in the 5 years I've owned it!! Paul is a very talented Photographer and I'm glad to have had him as my instructor. I will definitely be taking more of the courses over time! <<===>> Carrie T.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis class was AMAZING! Paul is an excellent instructor who knows the material inside and out. The hands-on experience in class allowed us to see our learning right on our camera. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone looking to get out of "auto" mode. <<===>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI love being able to dedicate and entire weekend to photography! Learning from qualified, current and creative photographers/instructors, inspires and motivates me to learn more and get out there and practice what l love. I am thankful that l found this school. It provides me with exactly what l want: 1) all questions answered, 2) new areas of photography explored and many tidbits of information and techniques that l can incorporate into my work as an amateur photographer. I look forward to completing all the courses offered by Burwell School of Photography. There is plenty to learn and enjoy! <<===>> Magdalena B.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThis is a class with so much hands on exercises it really helps you. The one on one instruction is great. As I had just bought my camera and new nothing about this camera other than the automatic mode. After taking this class I now know not to trust what every sales person in retail is telling you.. As this is their job to sell. I will find a real camera store with trained personnel, for any future purchases. Well worth every penny spent for taking this class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<===>> Dawn K.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have used a DSLR for about 10 years and have always managed okay, even in manual mode. The course cemented the concepts I was familiar with and made clear many that I still struggled with. I now understand the ISO, shutter speed and aperture triangle which will be a turning point for my photography with some practice. <<===>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI feel that I am able to select other modes than program. The course has taught me more than I would have ever imagined. Paul teaches the histogram which is very important whether you get a good shot or not a very good tool. I recently just returned from Las Vegas the week after the course ended and took quite a few pictures (300 +).I never used the program mode other than a couple of times but mostly in aperture mode. Most were good and did not feel to comfortable with the results in the histogram. The following day I went out to reshoot them and the looked pretty good in the histogram and then I was happy with the results. A good course to take. Will continue to take more courses through Paul <<===>> Frank L.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPrior to the class I was excited. After completing the class I was inspired! The digital camera fundamentals course provides the tools to understand your DSLR and take properly exposed shots. My Canon will never switch to the evil green automatic mode again 😉 <<===>> Quentin K.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI took the Digital Camera Fundamentals Class, with very little knowledge about the camera other then point and shoot. Paul is an excellent teacher and full of knowledge. This class has lots of theory behind the camera, but the theory is backed up with great hands on training. You will walk away with a lot better understanding of your camera, and be eager to learn more. Class takes places at a great location and serves a great lunch. I can't wait to take my next course with Burwell School of Photography. <<===>> Christopher P.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have been using my digital camera for several years this is the first time it feels like a friend instead of a stranger, took several classes before this one and will never go anywhere else again. <<===>> Andrea F.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI took another class a few months ago and I felt pretty good about my camera but then I took Paul's class and I feel so confident using my camera. I went straight to the Muttart after class and took pictures of flowers for two hours and only went home because I needed to make dinner. The way the class is taught breaks it down so nicely. I feel comfortably playing with my camera is manual and have never had so much fun using it. Thank you so much Paul! <<===>> Ellyse K.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassSince I received my camera as a gift I was almost too intimidated to use it, especially taking it off the automatic settings. I really enjoyed Paul's straightforwardness and sense of humor to help relieve any apprehension I felt using all the features on my camera. For that I thank you Paul. For the first time I truly understand Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, and much much more. I was so excited to discovery more about photography that I rushed home that first night of classes and registered for my next class! I would highly recommend this class. Take the first step and register - you won't be sorry that you did it! See you in September Paul! <<===>> Diane D.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe Burwell digital camera fundamentals class was excellent - A professional course for Armatures. If you have a digital camera and want to have a better understanding of your camera then I highly recommend this course. The instructors make it easy to follow and you can't help but walk away a better photographer. Even if its just better holiday pictures. <<===>> Tom D.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassOne of the things that stands out the most about the Digital Fundamentals class is the level of experience and knowledge that the instructors have. There are many options out there but when you look at who will be teaching you the Burwell School of Photography stands out. <<===>> Bradley A.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI enjoyed the class. I was familiar with SLR and the manual functions when I was shooting film and though I was ready for a digital SLR, I was intimidated by the user's manual. Not anymore!. Thank you Darlene and Burwell. See you again. <<===>> Anonymous
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPaul is FANTASTIC!! Loved having him as a teacher and a leader. Paul knows his stuff. I own a Nikon and he never failed to know how to get to the options. I cannot wait to attend more classes with Paul. <<===>> Carla V
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassGuaranteed to significantly improve your confidence and quality of photographs in one short weekend. By far, one of the best classes I've attended for a long time. <<===>> Donna S.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassAnyone wishing to learn more about their camera should take this class. It gives you the confidence to take the camera out of the automatic mode and start experimenting. Paul does a great job of explaining, and gives you lots of opportunity to try the different techniques. I would highly recommend this course! <<===>> Jenn G.
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI loved being in an atmosphere where I didn't feel judged. My lack of knowledge was something I shared with the majority of the people in the class and we all learned together. It was a great way to meet some new people and learn new things about a hobby we all have in common. Overall, there isn't anything I wouldn't change about the course. <<==Sarah S.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassPaul is extremely knowledgeable about photography, and he teaches very well. His sense of humor is great, and it helps make the class more enjoyable. I have learned so much in just 2 days, I can't wait to start taking amazing pictures and practicing all the time. I definitely will recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing photography! Had a great experience, and I am looking forward to taking some more courses at this school!
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI really enjoyed the pace of the class and Paul's patience and attention to individual questions. He never let anyone lag behind and ensured that everyone understood the concepts and had time to complete the in-class practice. His explanations and feedback of our photos made learning "realtime" and allowed us to see the results of the changes we made. I know I'll be shooting with more confidence, with more control of my camera. It's a must-have course for anyone wondering what all those different controls are, on the digital SLRs. The small class size is great. I know I'll be back for additional courses. <<==Peter D==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe Digital Camera Fundamentals class at Burwell School of Photography was excellent. I knew practically nothing about cameras/photography going in to the class, but have come out not only functional (no more auto button for me!) but also inspired!! I have already signed up for another course. Best photography school in the city.<<==Larua S.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassThe fundamentals class was worth the money by the end of the first morning. Although there was a lot of information over the two days, the way it was presented, along with the exercises, made it all seem so easy. All those mystery buttons on my camera are no longer a mystery; as suspected, they are essential to getting the shots I always envisioned but didn't quite get. I am now the boss of my camera.<<==MKL==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassWhen trying to decide which company to register with I was nervous to finally "pick one" as it felt like going on blind faith. Could it really be as good as all those reviews on the website? Were any negatived reviews just omitted? This course exceeded my expectations. It actually was as good as all those reviews. I am amazed at how much I learnt about my camera and photography in just two days. I am excited to practice all that I learnt and hope to have the opportunity to take more courses at Burwell School of Photography.<<==Laura B.==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI feel everyone could benefit from taking this course, small classes, hands on instruction,would highly recommend this course. Will take more classes offered from Burwell!!!<<==Jill Victoor==>>
Digital Camera Fundamentals ClassI have owned my DSLR camera for 4 years, and pretended I knew how to use it that whole time, attempting in vain to understand the concepts of Shutter Speed, Aperature and how they work together. it wasnt until about 12:00 on Saturday morning in Pauls class (4 years later) I actually got it. In the first 3 hours of Paul's class I finally understood those missing concepts. 6 hours in Pauls class and I was taking "perfectly exposed photos of Paul" everytime, and after 12 hours in Pauls class I was confident I would never again be using my camera and frustratingly flipping between modes and resorting to Auto because I couldnt figure it out. I got it, and now I can confidently use manual all the time!<<==Leslie-Anne O.==>>