Business of Wedding Photography Testimonials

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Class NameTestimonial
Business of Wedding Photography ClassThe Shandro's were a wonderful and intelligent couple. They are very thorough and very enjoyable to learn from. The course was fantastic and I feel privileged that I was able to attend. Thank you for putting this on. <<===>> Amanda S.
Business of Wedding Photography ClassI truly enjoyed the Shandro's course on the Business of Wedding Photography. I found several solutions that I can take forward and apply to my business. <<===>> Anonymous
Business of Wedding Photography ClassThis was one of the best workshops I have participated! Exquisite experience! Michael and Haley passed to the group precious information about business in photography. They demonstrated interest in sharing their experience with generosity, honesty and professionalism. Both are this kind of people that you fall in love with! The contents were extremely relevant not only for wedding photography, but for any person who is interested in business in general. The reflexions and the experiences shared were inspirational! I really appreciate the class, from the beginning to the end (including the field trip to their studio - thanks!). The course was very well structured, well presented, and comprehensive. Any person who wants to start a business in photography should take this course! I am glad I did! <<===>> Angelica M.
Business of Wedding Photography ClassYour class was such a great learning opportunity. It was great to learn from people who were not so long ago where I am now. It is inspirational. I really hope that you continue to teach this course in the future because there must be tons of photographers out there who would find all of the information you gave us super beneficial. My boyfriend and I are so excited to get our company going. Although sometimes it can get very tough and discouraging when you don't have much work. We won't give up though. We will keep pushing ourselves to do better! I aspire to be at your level one day, making photography and video a sustainable full-time career. Again, thank you so much! Monikah Wiseman (This was sent to Shandro Photo from me via Facebook) <<===>> Monikah W.