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Winter/Spring 2012/2013 Class Calendar Now Available

The latest edition of our class calendar is now available at local locations like Safeway, SaveOn, Sobeys, etc.

You can also download or view it online by clicking on the image of the calendar below.

Winter 2012/13 Class Calendar

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November Happenings

Macro Photography Class

NEW!!! Digital Photography for Beginners Class

Available Light Photography Class

Portrait Photography Class

HDR Photography Class

For Sale – Canon 1Ds Mark II

Winter Photography Tip

Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop

In the Meantime…

November Happenings

© Paul Burwell Photography |

October wrapped up with a bang and November promises to be another busy month for us at the BSOP!

We had a great time at the Edmonton Photographic Trade Show at the end of October saying hello to a lot of our former clients while meeting many potential clients.  This was our third year participating in the show and this year was definitely the busiest yet.

As part of the trade show we held a contest where we gave away a number of prizes from our fantastic partners including Jobu Design, Cotton Carrier and Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine.  Our grand prize was an iPad 3 and it was won by Justine W. of Edmonton as seen in the photo above.  Other prize winners included Joshua R-M, Richard P, Bruce B, Andrew B, and Laura P.

Thanks to everyone who took a moment to stop by our booth to say hi and to talk to us about our photography classes.

Macro Photography Class

© Paul Burwell Photography |

November 24-25, 2012

Any guesses on what the item is in the image above?

If you have an interest in photographing things that most people never see or notice, our Macro Photography class is for you.  This class runs the weekend of November 24-25.

Join Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine contributing editor and professional photographer, Paul Burwell, for a macro photography workshop that will immerse you into the world of macro photography. We’ll spend the entire weekend together helping you learn about the aspects of macro photography necessary to produce compelling and well composed images. We’ll discuss the equipment the pros use, technical skills necessary to produce captivating images, learning to find macro photography opportunities, developing a creative vision to separate your photos from the average, choosing the right digital darkroom tools and techniques for selling your images. Plus there is lots of time to practice on a wide variety of macro props that we bring.

This weekend course isn’t just about you listening to an instructor lecture, its about you getting an opportunity to try out some of the techniques discussed using your own digital camera with macro capabilities or a camera with a macro lens.  Paul will be with you every step of the way to help you come away with the best possible images.

To register or learn more information about this class, please visit our web site.

(The item is the top of an “AA” battery)

© Paul Burwell Photography |
© Paul Burwell Photography |

NEW!!! Digital Photography for Beginners Class

© Olivia Kachman |

2 Wed Evenings – Dec 5, 12

2 Tues Evenings -Jan 15, 22

This is the perfect class for the photographer with a compact digital camera (the ones without interchangeable lenses) to learn how to make better photographs. Do you own a ‘point and shoot’ camera and want to find out how to make it best work for you? Do you want to do more than just ‘point and shoot’?  This is the course for you!

What You Will Learn During our Digital Photography for Beginners Class

  • How your digital camera works
  • How to make better pictures
  • Advanced techniques for controlling your camera
  • How to compose better images
  • Options for what to do with your images
  • Using and adjusting the flash
  • How file resolution ultimately affects what you can do with your images
  • Viewing your images or video
  • Deleting images versus formatting the memory card
  • Accessories available for compact digital cameras
  • Software considerations

For more information or to register for this class, please visit our web site.

Available Light Photography Class

© Her View Photography |

November 24-25, 2012

Join former Professional Photographers of Canada’s Photographic artist of the Year for Alberta, Darlene Hildebrandt for a photography class on Available Light Portrait Photography that will touch on some of the basics of using available lighting (window light and reflectors) along with small flash as fill-light for portraits. These techniques are great for child portraits or pet photography, done in your own home.

What You Will Learn in our Available Light Photography Class

  • what equipment to use –  camera, light meter, reflector kit, speedlights, light modifiers (minimal), light stands, tripod
  • can be done with Point and Shoot style cameras except for the fill flash techniques
  • how to set up for images lit by window light
  • why the angle of lighting is this important and how to create and control it
  • what is lighting ratio along with how to measure and control it
  • things to watch out for that could ruin your portrait and how to correct for them
  • camera shake, subject movement, harsh lighting, poor direction of lighting, spotting light
  • how to choose when to use a white, silver, gold, transparent or even a black reflector and why
  • how to balance fill flash with available or ambient light in the room or outdoors
  • how to use bounce flash indoors as fill light
  • adding an interesting element to the portrait (backgrounds, foregrounds, props)

For more information on the class or to get yourself registered, please visit our web site.

Portrait Photography Class

© Stambaugh Photographics |

December 8-9, 2012

Photographing people is one of the most difficult things to do and yet one of the most common subject matters.  Our portrait photography classes are presented in a weekend format that will cover many aspects of portrait photography and leave you with the knowledge and skills to create more flattering, creative and well lit portrait photographs.

Posing individuals, couples, children and groups is a main focus of this Edmonton portrait photography class.  You will learn how to guide your subject into classic and casual poses to suit the mood and background of the image.  We will also discuss how and why to select certain locations for your photographs so that the photograph will convey the message that you or your subject want it to.

What good is a great pose and background if the people in the photograph are not well lit?  In our portrait photography classes, you will learn and practice lighting techniques using natural light, window light, reflected light, subtractive light and flash photography.

To find out more about this popular class or to register, please visit our web site.

HDR Photography Class

© Her View Photography |

December 1st and December 15th-16th (3 Days)

Join former Professional Photographers of Canada’s Photographic artist of the Year for Alberta, Darlene Hildebrandt for a photography class on HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography.  This course will teach you how to make photographs with an extended dynamic range beyond what today’s cameras can render by themselves.

HDR photography is used to capture a wider range of tones than a single image can do. In a scene that has extremes in both the highlights (light areas) and shadows (dark areas) our cameras cannot capture detail at both ends of that range. Normally we are forced to make a choice of where we want detail, we can’t have both. But, by using HDR techniques we can capture more of a range and reproduce one final image that holds incredible amounts of detail and one which can become quite painterly and/or artistic.

There are a lot of ways to make HDR images and there are also a lot of poorly done HDR images on the internet. This class will teach you how to do it the right way, and get stunning images like the one shown here.

For more information on the class or to register, please visit our web site.

For Sale – Canon 1Ds Mark II

One of our instructors, Paul Burwell, has decided to sell his beloved Canon 1Ds Mark II.  He recently upgraded to a newer body and it is now time to sell this camera.

The camera has been well cared for and it comes with 2 batteries, a Really Right Stuff L-Bracket along with the original box and manuals.  It will be sent to Canon Professional Services for a cleaning and tune-up prior to the sale to make sure it is in tip-top condition.  It has less than 100,000 activations on its shutter.

If you’ve been wanting to experience shooting with a professional level camera, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The asking price is $1,400.  If you’re interested, please contact Paul directly via email.  A couple of images taken with this camera can be seen below.

© Paul Burwell Photography |
© Paul Burwell Photography |

Winter Photography Tip

Winter is a fantastic time for photography.  But you need to be careful with your gear.

One problem that can occur is when you bring your camera from the cold dry conditions outside (especially when it is -5 Celsius or below) into the relatively warm and humid conditions of an automobile or your home.  Not only can condensation form on the lens and viewfinder, but worse, it can form on the glass filter that is sandwiched onto the sensor in your camera with interchangeable lenses.  The problem with condensation is that it can leave spots  showing on your images and potentially even damage the electronics if there is a lot of moisture.

To solve this issue all you have to do is place your camera into an airtight bag (like the ones seen in the image here) and seal it up tightly before bringing it into warmer conditions.  Allow the camera gear to slowly warm up to room temperature and then when you open the bag you won’t have any of the problems caused by condensation.

Before putting my camera into the sealed bag, I’ll usually take out my batteries and memory card so that I can recharge my batteries and get a look at my images while the camera and lens(es) are warming up.

The trick is finding bags that are large enough to hold a camera and a number of lenses.  The folks at Ziploc have many different large sized options that make this easy.  These large Ziploc bags can be found for sale in grocery stores, department stores and stores like Canadian Tire.

Winter Wildlife Photography Workshop

© Paul Burwell Photography

January 25-31, 2013 – Kalispell, Montana

Winter is one of our favourite times of year to visit the Triple “D” Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana.  Photographers have the opportunity to make unique photographs of fantastic animals in snow while the animals have their best fur coats of the year!

This year also promises to be special because new residents to the Triple “D”, a Snow Leopard and an Amur Leopard, promise to be the stars of the show!  Other animals that we expect to be able to photograph include Arctic Wolves and Foxes, Mountain Lions, Coyote, Red and Cross Foxes, Tundra Wolves, Fisher, Pine Marten and maybe even a Grizzly Bear.

If you have plans on going on a serious wildlife safari in someplace like Africa, taking a warm-up trip to the Triple “D” is an excellent way to get your wildlife photography skills up to par so when that once in a life time shot presents itself you’ll be ready to make a spectacular image

To register, or for more information on this or any of our other instructional willdlife photography workshops, pleasevisit our web site.

In the Meantime…

© Paul Burwell Photography |

We’d like to thank you for your continued patronage and support.  We are truly appreciative.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our new class calendar (see sidebar on the left above) and see if there might be a class you’re interested in.

We’re working on adding even more classes for 2013 and are really looking to expand our repertoire and variety.  We are always open to new ideas for classes so if you have an idea, please feel free to share it with us.

Winter has truly arrived here in the Edmonton area and we’re seeing about 30cm (1 foot) of snow on the ground with temperatures this morning of about -17 Celsius.  It won’t be too long now and the winter solstice will be here and the days will start getting longer again.

Please take care of yourself and those close to you.


Paul Burwell, Owner

“Lest we forget….”

Rudyard Kipling

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