March Macro Madness

This past weekend we held our first ever Macro Photography class. We had a great group of students who were eager to learn and the weekend turned out to be fantastic!

Saturday was primarily spent in lecture with a couple of creativity exercises thrown in to help get everyone’s “stretchy minds” into gear. On Sunday we set up a number of macro creativity stations with a variety of objects at each for the students to photograph. Potential subjects included flowers, old watches, feathers, milk, and many other items. Students were given a set amount of time on each station and then rotated to the next station to make sure that everyone got an opportunity with all the items.

After every couple of stations we’d take a break so that a selection of each student’s images could be loaded onto a computer to be shared and discussed with the group. It was very satisfying to see how the overall level of creativity increased as the class went on.

Our next Macro Photography Class runs the weekend of October 20-21, 2012.

Here are a few of the images that our students produced during the class. I’m sure you’ll agree that their work is outstanding!

© Adrienne Jones

© Adrienne Jones | Student at BSOP


© Nikki Munro

© Nikki Munro | Student at BSOP


© Heather Dymchuk

© Heather Dymchuk | Student at BSOP


© Adrienne Jones

© Adrienne Jones | Student at BSOP

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