Photography Fundamentals Class Assignments

For all of these assignments, make sure you are simplifying the picture as much as possible and remember to run your eye around the edge of the viewfinder to make sure you aren’t inadvertently including any elements that you didn’t mean to include.


  • Take “well exposed” pictures that demonstrate each of the following:
    • a portrait of someone (child, adult, pet) in horizontal format
    • a portrait in vertical format
    • an image that tells the story of a soft texture
    • an image that tells the story of a harsh texture
    • an image that uses curves to move the viewer’s eye through an image
    • an image that uses diagonal lines to tell a story
    • an image that demonstrates the use of putting a warm coloured subject on a cool coloured background
    • an image that features triangles as a primary design element
  • When you’ve got those eight pictures done, email me a full-resolution non-cropped, non-processed JPEG of your results and I’ll send you my comments.  If you get stuck, remember that you can always send me an email for assistance.
If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.