Architecture Photography Class

Exterior photo of the Edmonton Art Gallery at night

Architecture photo example - The Edmonton Art Gallery exterior at night

Photographing architectural exteriors and interiors takes a lot of patience and preparation.

Even though the best way to learn is to actually take photographs, we will spend some classroom time reviewing skills and theory  including such things as exposure, lenses, color usage and why shooting in Raw instead of Jpeg makes more sense.

Go on location for hands on techniques

You will then be taught hands-on techniques of various exteriors and  interiors on location. We will also go through a workflow using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop where you will learn to finesse your photographs for professional results.

Our Architecture Photography Class is great for realtors, home designers, or anyone interested in photographing architecture for fun or work.

This class will appeal to photographers interested in architectural photography in general, aspiring or actual home designers, realtors, street photographers, commercial photographers or anyone interested in posing people within an architectural image (see the image of the grocery store at the bottom of this page for such an example) ... this architecture photography class is for anyone who wants to make shooting beautiful buildings their subject matter!

Another great experience at the Burwell School of Photography! The Architectural Photography instructor, Rocco, brings years of experience to the class and a willingness to share his knowledge and process. We learned the theory behind shooting architecture and spent lots of time actually shooting interiors and exteriors and playing with lighting. Rocco also took us through how to properly process our images and showed us the tools/tricks to bring out our own artistic flare in Lightroom and Photoshop. The learning in this class was very comprehensive and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in architecture/photography. - Rachele M

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an architecture photography example of a dining room

Architecture photography example - Dining room

Your Instructor for the Architecture Photography Class

Burwell School of Photography Instructor Rocco MacriYour instructor for the class will be Rocco Macri.

In 1982, Rocco Macri began Macri Photography in Edmonton, Alberta.  His full-range of photography includes: architecture, aerial photography, food and dining, concerts, extravagant nature photographs, portraits, and precise commercial, industry, and business photographs.

Rocco’s photography has garnered him numerous awards:

  • 2013 Pixoto members voted two of Rocco Macri’s images as top 20% in the Landscape category.
    • Pixoto is a unique stock photography company with more than 100,000 members worldwide. Over 1.5 million photos have been ranked by 75 million votes.
  • 2001 Fuji Professional Portrait Outstanding Achievement
  • 1998 Professional Photographers of Canada Loan Collection Travel Image
  • 1995 Kodak Professional Gallery Award for Architecture
  • 1995 Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) Few photographers achieve this degree in the course of their career.
    • The MPA is bestowed by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and is based on both the work produced and a dedication to the improvement
      of the photography industry as a whole.
  • 1995 Alberta Professional Photographers Association (APPA) Commercial Photographer of the Year

What You Will Learn

This architectural photography two day weekend course will cover the following:

  • Time of day best suited to capture the detail of the exterior or interior views
  • Choosing the best lens for the subject
  • Painting with light long exposure show home exterior dusk photos
  • The difference between what is art and what the artist sees
  • Perspective (depth and distance), position, framing, lighting and focus
  • Choosing the best ISO for the project

What to Expect

  • 12 hours of classroom instruction
  • Guidance to enable you to confidently photograph architectural exteriors and interiors
  • Hot lunch on both days of class
  • Certificate of completion
  • Small group size, limited to 12 participants

an architectural photography showing a home exterior at dusk

Home exterior at dusk

architecture photo showing a renovated kitchen

Home interior showing a kitchen remodel

architectural photo of a bedroom

Bedroom interior

Equipment Required

  • DSLR (or equivalent) Camera with external flash hotshoe
  • Variety of lenses including:
    • Wide angle (<=17mm on a full-frame camera, <=11mm on a cropped-sensor camera)
    • Mid-range (~50mm)
    • Telephoto (~200mm on a full-frame camera, ~150mm on a cropped-sensor camera)
  • External flash with bounce capabilities
    • Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser or similar attachment (recommended)
  • Tripod (recommended)


Commercial architectural photo showing the dining area of a restaurant

Commercial architectural photo showing the dining area of a restaurant

a new shopping mall

Commercial architecture photography of a shopping mall

Commercial architecture photo example of a shopping center interior

Commercial architecture photo example of a shopping center interior

Class Location


  • $300 Canadian Dollars (plus tax).
    • Current currency exchange information between the Canadian dollar and your local currency is available here.

More Information

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