BSOP Recommended Diploma Class Work Flow

The following diagrams illustrate a suggested diploma class work flow for students interested in working towards one of our Diplomas in either Portrait, Wedding or Nature Photography.

Other than taking Digital Camera Fundamentals first, the order in which the classes are taken does not matter.

We feel that a student should attempt to complete the "Core" classes that are common to all diplomas before taking the classes that are specific to your area of study. The more proficient you are with your camera settings, composition and editing skill, the better your portrait, wildlife or wedding photographs will be.

Digital Camera Fundamentals is a prerequisite to all other Burwell School courses. The other core courses are Photographic Composition, Introduction to Adobe Lightroom & Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.
The Burwell School also offers additional courses that will supplement your diploma curriculum. The Intermediate level Photoshop course can benefit any photographer. If you are planning on operating your own small photography business, then the "Business of Photography" class is worthwhile. And portrait photographers who enjoy working with young people and want to earn money with their camera should be interested in "High Volume Photography". Our "Newborn Photography" course is a master class for serious photographers.