2015 Winter Wildlife Instructional Photography Workshop Images

Student Images from the 2015 Winter Wildlife Instructional Photography Workshop
held at the Triple “D” Game Farm
in conjunction with the Burwell School of Photography


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All images copyright the photographer as indicated on the image.

Irena Vlach



 Josef Vlach

Amur leopard 001 Amur Leopard 002 arctic fox 001 bobcat 001bobcat 002 snow leopard 002 snow leopard 003

snow leopard 004snow leopard 005 snow-leopard-03 tiger 001 young mountain lion


Kate Bolia

PFB_20150123_4991 PFB_20150123_5061-Edit PFB_20150123_5077 PFB_20150123_5106PFB_20150123_5138 PFB_20150123_5460

 Kelly Whitten

PFB_20150123_2 PFB_20150123_0042 PFB_20150123_0047 PFB_20150123_0064PFB_20150123_0196 PFB_20150123_0212 PFB_20150124_0096

PFB_20150124_0276 PFB_20150124_0432 PFB_20150124_0515 PFB_20150124_0593 PFB_20150124_0618

 Susan Vermeulen

PFB_20150124_6763 PFB_20150124_6827 PFB_20150124_7119 PFB_20150124_7158-Edit PFB_20150124_7184 PFB_20150124_7622 PFB_20150124_7774

PFB_20150124_7780 PFB_20150124_7899 PFB_20150124_8442 PFB_20150124_8768 PFB_20150124_9040 PFB_20150124_9090